How to knit patterns: a photo, charts and videos

Как вязать спицами узорыThe beauty of knitting is its multi-faceted collection of different patterns, needlewomen generated by different people for a huge amount of time. selection, a variety of patterns so great, that allows you to create for themselves a lot of different types and density products, in this way, that each of them will be unique. According to many masters, Another advantage of this craft is, knit patterns that much easier and faster, than hook. But, in spite of this, in any case be taken to knit should start with the most simple patterns, and filled his hand to continue to develop all the other drawings paintings, belonging to one of the groups the following list:

  • Openwork
  • embossed
  • Patterns fine knit
  • Jacquard and multicolored
  • Patterns with braids
  • Irish
  • patent
  • Patterns with ornament

How to knit a simple pattern spokes

Simple patterns are absolutely not complicated in the implementation of. In order for them to easily do it is only necessary to learn vyvyazyvayut main types of knitting loops, namely, the front and the back loops, since it is a combination of all these loops are made simple drawings paintings. The most common of the simple patterns is stocking and garter.
Stockinet It is one of the most widely used, quite often it is also called the front embroidery, in many fashion magazines can be found and its other name "jersey". For its performance in all ranks of the facial facial loop is knitted, and all backstitches - purl, and in circular knitting loop of each row or facial provyazyvayutsya, or Wrong.Чулочная вязка
Garter It obtained in view of a bulk, and execute it even easier, what handkerchief, as the only facial created throughout the knitting, or purl loops. Choose knitting method can be, depending on what kind of loop better you get. If garter stitch is performed in a circular knitting, then all odd rows are knitted facial, and the odd purl loops.Платочная вязка

We suggest that you try to tie spokes simple patterns in the following schemes:

Pattern "diamonds Narrow"

Узор "Узкие ромбы"

pattern strokes

Узор штрихи

How to Knit openwork pattern spokes

In that case, If you want to associate a light and airy little thing, is the best fit almost any of openwork patterns. Such fine patterns are knitted from the yarn and using Figure nakida, so in the end it turns out very delicate and lacy fabrics of incomparable beauty. Very original, eg, in the finished product looks knitted pattern "Sea Foam". asur.sp1

Let us consider, how it is done:

  • For this drawing is necessary to dial the number of times the loop 6 plus the added one more loop, to drawing was symmetrical and the two edge. Once recruited loop openwork knit pattern "Marine foam" as follows:
  • WITH 1 by 6 number of all the loops facial series provyazyvayutsya.
  • The third and seventh rows provyazyvayutsya facial with three turnovers. Hinges with three turns are made as follows:: The right needle is inserted into the loop, then it is wound three turns of the working thread and dragged through the loop.
  • In the fourth row, a repeating sequence: 1 Wrong loop, then from 5 loops 5novyh(5 provyazyvaem loops together 5 time). Last provyazyvaetsya loop seamy.
  • AT 8 a number of the first three loops facial provyazyvayutsya three times(three loops of three), then knit according to the report: 1 Wrong loop, 5 loops of 5 facial. A number of finishes provyazyvaniya three facial loops and 1 seamy loop.Схема узора "Морская пенка"

We offer a choice of several beautiful designs and patterns to them:

Pattern "Bulgarian cross"

Узор "Болгарский крест"

Pattern "Jingle Bells"

Узор "Колокольчики"

How to Knit a relief patterns

relief patterns, usually, created by certain alternation backstitches and facial loops, and the pattern is obtained through a combination of convex and concave portions on the web. Such patterns are not in any case should not be heat treated using iron, so that they do not lose their prominence. Knit relief patterns must be very careful, so as not to break out of the scheme and not to spoil the basic picture. Consider some pretty popular with relief patterns:

pearl pattern

Pearl pattern looks great in these products, as a cardigan, jacket or coat, as well as children's and men's things. The advantages of this pattern may also include its ease of implementation and beautiful equally on both sides of the web. There are two varieties of pearl pattern - is a major, in another, he is also called rice or thread waste, as well as small.
Knit small pearl pattern a bit easier, than a large. To this end, the sequence of the loop in the front ranks of the facial, Wrong, and on the wrong side of the front provyazyvaetsya Wrong, and on the underside of the front.
Rice pearl pattern is much the same as the fine with a single distinguish, in, that he seems to be shifted along the track, therefore its implementation will require a bit more of your attention. The scheme of knitting large pearl pattern following:
The first and second rows are performed as well as for fine pearl pattern: first in the front row front, Wrong, then the other number Wrong, front.
In the third and subsequent rows, as well as in the second on the wrong front provyazyvaetsya, on the front Wrong.

honeycomb pattern

Pattern, resembling a cell makes the product volume, relief and mild. Very nice and gentle turn, eg, children little things, connected according to the scheme of figure. products, where there is a pattern to knit spokes cell better after prewash the sample and measuring the density of knitting, as the canvas, connected in such a way is too soft and very stretched.

The main condition of the pattern - the number of fabric loops must be even. The scheme of a pattern as a fairly simple, so it will be on forces knit and budding. In each row, alternating loops follows:

  • 1p. front, Wrong.
  • 2p. Wrong,1 nakid, 1 a loop, filmed without provyazyvaniya.
  • 3p. front, then throws a working thread for cloth and retake loop nakida not knit, front.
  • 4p. Wrong, Throws a working thread to the web and the loop sc again shooting is not knit, Wrong.
  • 5p. We do ubavochnye loop, provyazyvaya two loops as one front eyelet, then do the wrong loop.
  • 6p. Make a loop sc, then on the left spokes remove the loop does not knit and purl knit next.
  • 7p. Two end loops, then the working thread for casting a web loop and retake nakida.
  • 8p. The thread is placed before knitting sc and again retake, 2 loop knit purl.
  • 9p. vyvyazyvayut wrong, then loop subtraction, provyazyvaya two loops as one front.
  • WITH 10 number of pattern repeats, starting from the second row.

Knit pattern learn small cell, a representative of small patterns, you can use the following video:

pattern star

Another interesting and very popular relief pattern is a pattern of stars. With this pattern can be attributed not only the blouses of different styles, but also very beautiful hat will look for girls.Как вязать узор звездочка

Knit pattern sprocket necessary according to the following scheme:

  • Gaining initial loop, their number should be equal to the number, divisible by four plus two edge
  • Как вязать узор звездочка: схемаFirst row purl provyazyvaetsya, then knitting is continued on the following scheme:
  • 2p 1 front loop, Then, the element itself "asterisk": three loops provyazyvayutsya both crossed the front, then the loop will not charge, and working on the needle thread throws and doing sc, then again from the same loop is knitted crossed the front loop.
  • 3-th and all other odd rows are knitted purl.
  • 4 row. Vyvyazyvayut three facial, then sprocket element. The last series of three loops completing provyazyvaniya facial.
  • After that knitting is repeated from the first row.
  • In order that the web is not contracted with the knitting element "star" loops need to do a little freer, than the rest.

How to Knit pattern spokes braidsКак вязать узор косы спицами

To braid knitting pattern commonly uses a special auxiliary needle, which differs from the usual, the, that a small area in the middle of her slightly arched, to tabs will not fall from it. If such needles not available, you can use and needle, taken from the set of stockings. graphics options using this pattern quite a lot, so with him very well looked not only women veshchichki, but also a men's sweater. At first glance it may seem, that knit braid pattern spokes incredibly difficult, but a bit of skill and patience, and even this element will easily succumb. The classic and most common braid is as follows:
In order to pattern turned, the number of loops necessary to select multiple 11 + 4 loops provyazyvaniya edge and symmetry. Figure provyazyvaetsya itself according to the following scheme:

  • 1 row. Repeat knitting loops in sequence: purl two, nine facial. The last two series of loops purl provyazyvayutsya.
  • In all of the even rows, starting from the second, in the beginning of the series provyazyvayutsya two end loops, and then repeat sequence: 9 facial, 2 backstitches.
  • 3-th row is knitted as the first.
  • 5 row. Vyvyazyvayut begin braiding pigtails. Knit according to a report: 2 loop seamy, Three tabs remove the auxiliary needle for dreadlocks and plaits, then the next three loops facial provyazyvaem, then loops is knitted with the supporting spokes as facial, and complete a report three facial. The last two loops purl provyazyvaem.
  • 7 and 9 provyazyvaetsya series as the first and third.
  • 11 row. Knit report:2 loop seamy, 3 facial, three loops on auxiliary retake, Three knit facial, then dovyazyvaem 3 peresnyatye on auxiliary needle. The last two loop knit purl.
  • Knitting is repeated from the first row.

How to knit a pattern of bumps spokes

Shishechka pattern can be a wonderful decoration of any product, it can be and headgear, and waistcoats, and blouses, and jackets, In addition, it looks great in combination, and other patterns. Knit pattern bumps spoke not so difficult, all the more so ways to do this abound. Consider a few of them:

  1. Shishechka-knot. To create this element of a five tabs vyvyazyvayut, then again we throw them on the left needle and provyazyvaem new five loops together.
  2. Shishechka three loops. Vyvyazyvayut three loops from one face to the personal number, or wrong in the Wrong, after which the knitting is rotated by the other party, and new loops purl provyazyvaem. Then provyazyvaem them two more times, first facial, then purl. In conclusion, with the front loop provyazyvayutsya.
  3. Shishechka five loops. Shishechka done as in the previous version, but with more than five loops.

How to Knit Pattern corn spokes

Another type of pattern in the form of nubs is drawing "kukuruzka". Provyazyvaetsya it with the covers loops. In most cases, the pattern used to create caps or other outerwear.Как вязать узор кукуруза спицами

To perform the pattern dialed the number of loops must be divisible by three plus 5 loops for additional knitting loops and edge. Then follows figure provyazyvaem:

  • 1p. The first three loops facial provyazyvaem, then repeat the following steps: 1 remove the loop, grabbing her needle in the direction from left to right, three facial loops provyazyvaem.
  • 2p. The initial three-loop knit facial, after which a number fit for the report: Working thread is placed in front of the web and the loop is removed as in the first row, then the thread is moved back over the web and the following three loops facial provyazyvayutsya.
  • 3p. The first loop is knitted face, then repeat: make a copy loop for the near wall, The following three knit facial. Penultimate loop of a number of shooting again, and the last knit front.
  • 4p. The first loop face, then repeated: worker thread to put a cloth, remove the loop in the same manner, as in the previous rows, Throws thread for cloth, three loops knit facial. Penultimate loop retake, previously thrown a working thread to the canvas, and then return it back to the front provyazyvaniya last loop.
  • Starting from the fifth row of knitting, is repeated from the first row.

The second way provyazyvaniya pattern "kukuruzka" also looks very nice and has a very simple circuit:

  • In the first row in the sequence loop provyazyvayutsya front loop, then Wrong.
  • In the second row all the loops facial tally.
  • Starting from the third row of knitting pattern is repeated from the first row.

multicolour, and jacquard patterns with ornament

Unlike multi-colored patterns on jacquard is, the first can be linked using any stitch, and the latter are made essentially only the front embroidery.

As knitted multicolored patterns

Many multi-colored patterns to knit a lot easier, than jacquard. With the introduction of new colors can be made brighter and more advantageously individual elements of patterns.
We offer a couple of video tutorials, telling both knitted multicolored patterns:

Jacquard pattern spokes: how to knit

Initially jacquard patterns tally skilled workers using only two colors of yarn, but at the moment there is already a number of schemes, where there is a lot more shades. Jacquard patterns look fantastically beautiful and can complement absolutely any product. Representatives of these patterns are Irish and Norwegian. Fabric with jacquard pattern, usually, knitted stocking st, that is, on the front side of the front loop, to purl - purl. This is done, to figure it easier to see and nothing to distract from his eyes. Most often, such patterns are knitted of finer yarn. The hardest part of the implementation of the product - it does not pull the thread, fixed on the wrong side, and at the same time does not make them too loose. Knit jacquard pattern spokes should be very carefully, adhering to the scheme. Let us consider the circuit performing the following two-color jacquard pattern, which is perfect for decorating, eg, mittens or scarf. Knit this pattern should be clearly under the scheme, provyazyvaya the required number of loops in a row, first one then the other color. Жаккардовый узор спицами

  • 1r.Vse loop knit facial: 4 loop red thread, 2 gray, 3 red, 2 gray, 3 red.
  • 2p. All loops purl: 1 red, 4 gray,1 red, 1 gray,1 red,4 gray, 1 red, 1 gray.
  • Next, in a similar way on the knit pattern:Жаккардовый узор спицами: схема

Patterns with ornament

Knitting needles ornaments is especially popular in the manufacture of children's veshchichek, but also widely used in the creation of various products for adults. Vyvyazanny in the product pattern is very similar to embroidery and looks very impressive. Quite often the motives of drawings taken from folk art, but can be used if desired, and the more modern variants, or draw a picture of yourself and place it on the paper in the cage. As for jacquard patterns, the main viscous for things with ornaments, a stocking. Vyvyazyvayut these drawings is possible using only two colors of yarn, one for the main canvas, and another for himself drawing, or make the image colorful and more colorful, including the work of three or more colors. Very good looks ornament on things, as the cap, socks and mittens. Your attention we offer several schemes rather interesting patterns with ornament:Схемы узоров с орнаментом

patent designs

Unlike patent patterns from all the others is, that both the front, and on the reverse side of the sheet product is obtained in exactly the same. The advantage of knitted fabrics using such patterns also lies in its elasticity. A striking example is the pattern of patent, eg, bubble gum.
Example knitting patent gum you can see in the following video:

You can also try to associate yourself with patent fabric pattern, guided by the following scheme:

All knitting patterns on your good, the main thing to find a suitable and corresponding to the selected product model and every thing will look just fine.

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