How to Knit Sledkov – slippers: fotoshema and video

Как вязать спицами следки - тапочкиInstead of slippers for a cold season, possible to associate themselves with needles Sledkov. The convenience of such a home shoe is soft and tight structure. Can make Sledkov, as two simple spokes, and with the help of stockings, for children, and adults. And depending on the chosen method of knitting they can be seamless, in a way convenient to knit baby Sledkov, as well as teams with a seam. If desired Sledkov - slippers can be self-colored, or else more elegantly, adding knitting more colors and various options decor.

Methods knitting Sledkov

Let us consider a few common ways to the creation of this product:

1.Sledkov knit on two needles:

  • The beginning of knitting as usual is a set of loops, number depends on the size of the legs, as well as the compliance of the main conditions - their number must be odd. For adults the number of loops is typically approximately equal to 40-60 loops. Primarily created Sledkov top and bumpers. Assign it can, as any of the dense viscous and elastic pattern 1 × 1, to the top was more flexible, tight to the leg and not loosed from it. To do this, from provyazyvaem 20 series, if you want to make Sledkov-hems and slippers 10 series, if without him. The next step is knit fabric collar is divided into two equal parts, plus one loop in the middle and starts provyazyvatsya garter stitch up the toe. To this end, in each row provyazyvayutsya first half of the loop, done nakida, then fit the average loop and again is nakida dovyazyvaetsya and the second portion of the web. Provyazyvaetsya thus web to the desired depth Sledkov.
  • In the next stage of creating a sole. It fits it usually garter stitch, since this pattern is one of the most dense and very hard, which it is important for this part of Sledkov. Divide the canvas into three parts, where the average is equal to 11 loops and knit series follows: dovyazyvaem to the middle part and provyazyvaem 10 First it loops, eleventh and knit together with the loop portion as the next one. After that, we expand the knitting and provyazyvaem 11 loops similarly. Knitting continue in the same spirit until the spokes will not remain only in the number of loops, set aside for the sole.
  • To the rear of the, remaining sts provyazyvaem several rows, provyazyvaya them that one, then on the other side with the first side portion of the loop

It will help to better master the process of, how to knit spokes Sledkov video shown below:

2. Knit Sledkov four spokes:

  • Knit begin with mysochkah. For this purpose, conventional spokes recruit 12 loops and distribute them to the stocking. Then proceed to the front knitting embroidery, immediately in the front row by adding 1 eyelet, pulling the new loop between the two loops, the first spoke in the beginning of the series, the second at the end of, the third as the first, and in the fourth, as the second. Additional loops do until, until each spoke will not appear on the 14 petelek. Optionally mysochek can bind and not any other complex viscous.
  • The next step is more provyazyvaem 24 series and retake 10 secondary loops on auxiliary needle or better on a special large pin. Then the remaining loops provyazyvaem, gradually throwing them into one, because it will now be necessary to knit only two spokes. Provyazyvaem more 40 series for the sole and proceed to the creation of heels. To do this, we divide the loop again, located on a spoke into three parts and separates the middle 10 heel loop. Provyazyvaem pyatochku to the desired height, at the same time connecting them with side eyelets, provyazyvaya last loop the middle part of the first loop side.
  • In the next stage we are knitted elastic band. To do this on the side edges of the spokes on the stocking gets on 20 petelek. As a result, operation is enabled again 4 needles, wherein in the general difficulty with loop, spread to the pin on the needles should be 60 loops. Provyazyvaem all loops circular pattern gum 1 × 1 more rows 6-7, and then close all the loops and our first sledok ready, You can proceed to the second provyazyvaniya.sled 5sp

Several recommendations how to knit Sledkov for beginners

  • For Sledkov better to take dense, but not too tough yarn, in order that they can keep in shape at the same time, they were comfortable to wear on the leg.
  • To Sledkov kept their foot on top can be even better dovyazat lyamochki, as shoe, Sew it on the other sidewall, do anything with clasp.Следки с застежкой
  • In order to not only warmed Sledkov, but also had a massage function of the sole can be connected via a relief pattern.
  • To Sledkov edge is not stretched it is necessary to tie a hook 1 near the bars, without sc, or polustolbikami, in order not to raise the height of the.
  • To Sledkov slippers we had a much longer life and it was not cold to walk in them on the floor, sole can be connected filaments in two or even three of addition.

Brush up and mastered the basic rules of knitting Sledkov, as well as adding a little to your imagination, you can link these wonderful shoes for all family.

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