How to knit a hat: scheme, video and photo

Как вязать шапку спицамиTo choose for themselves a hat in a store is sometimes very difficult to, in spite of the huge selection of currently available models. The best solution in this situation is simply to take a hat and tie spokes with their hands, the more so because this is not so difficult. Besides, in this case it will be a great opportunity to choose for themselves a model, which, First of all, will appeal, and secondly, It will be made to face and size. The big plus for novice masters is also that, that the way to create caps, not too little, so it is possible to choose the most suitable option.

How to knit a hat instruction for beginners:

Start knitting needles hat, first of all, as well as the establishment of other wardrobe items should be removed from the head of the necessary yardsticks for calculating the depth and volume of the product or the size of the bottoms, which is calculated by the formula: head circumference multiplied by 6, 28(2×π). The most important of these measurements are: head girth, Table caps sizesthe distance from the forehead to the border of the skull and neck. When you create some other models may also need to measure the distance from the tip of one ear, to the second lobe, as well as from the head to the beginning of the neck.
In that case, if you are going to knit a hat spokes not afford and you have no way to remove the necessary measurements can use the table, Shows the average approximate dimensions of headgear according to age.

The second step is the creation of caps model selection, as well as the respective yarn and spoke to her. In order to make this process a little easier, we offer the following tips:

  • In that case, if you are going to knit a hat with a relief pattern, you should not choose dark colors for her, since the patterns on them can not be seen clearly enough, as though it will be lighter shades.
  • If you are going to associate a light cap thin thread, the spokes are better for her to choose the size of the thinner, what it is recommended by the manufacturer on the label, to pattern fabric itself mated to get a clear and accurate. This is especially true of those, whose knitting style is characterized by its looseness.
  • Knit cap knitting needles for beginners better with circular needle with fishing line, or needles with tips, especially, if the product is intended for adults and involves a large set of loops, or else using hosiery needles. The figure also better to choose the most simple.
  • The model is chosen according to the characteristics of appearance, to whom it is intended, and also on what and in what time you or any future owner of the headdress are going to wear the future product. Depending on these factors can be, eg, associate volume, double, sports, and even a hat with earflaps spokes.

Techniques of knitting hats in the first place depends on the model itself, and from whom the product is intended, the most common and widely used are:

  • Seamless knitting 5 needles.
  • Creating a cap of a rectangular canvas or the pattern for more complex models.
  • Knits from the top

All of the methods listed above are very simple in execution, so consider them in more detail.

How to knit stocking cap on spokes

Many believe this method is not very convenient, since in use at the same time a plurality of spokes, but actually, if you adapt himself, then later you can no longer even want to tinkering it in other ways.

Knit winter women's hat with pompom

Вяжем зимнюю женскую шапку с помпономFor such a cap will need about 300 g bulk wool yarn, and hosiery needles. The basic pattern of the article is "spiral", running around the web follows: 4 loop is knitted facial, purl two. The number of loops must be divisible by 6 plus one loop for a number of displacement. The basic process of creating a cap as follows:

  • Make a set of spokes on 49 petelek(for size S and M), toss them in hosiery knitting needles and the first row provyazyvaem all loops facial.
  • From the second row on the basic drawing and provyazyvaem them about 18 cm.
  • After that, the next row is knitted again, as the first facial and every 8 tabs expose 5 markers, later 9 loops and sixth or make a mark with a bright thread, for convenience and symmetry decrease for crown caps.
  • Decrease as follows: in the first row only once immediately after the label, then in the same way four times through each subtraction perform the following series of. At the end of subtraction of the spokes must remain a total 19 loops.
  • Finish knit cap needles necessary provyazyvaem two loops together and the remaining loops contractible one.
  • The final stage of the work process is the creation for this cute pompom cap and attach it to the top.

Pompon is as follows::

  • Cut the cardboard rectangle width 15 cm and wrap it turns thread.Вырезаем из картона прямоугольник
  • Then fasten the thread turns of the middle and cut.Закрепляем витки посредине ниткой
  • Ready pompom as follows:Готовый помпон

Once the cap is made possible in addition thereto tie dickey spokes hosiery or circular.

sports hats, connected from the top

The method of knitting hats from the top is not very popular ,but despite this, tinkering with the help of his headdress and not very difficult, and in some moments even easier, since it is easier to try on in the process of knitting. It is enough to look cute ski sports hats, knitted by this method. Workflow knitting hats from the top consists of the following stages:

  • On hosiery needles distributed 8 dialed loops.
  • Then, starting from the front row, in all odd rows are executed adding, and the odd knitted in pattern. For beginners can knit, eg, Garter, or stocking st, a pattern gum 1 1 × or 2 × 2. In this case, the front stitch knit by the following scheme:
  • The first row is knitted loops from each another according to a chosen pattern. In this way, increase the number of loops twice.
  • In the third row of loops are added according to the following scheme: 1 front, 1 surplus of the loop, front.
  • In the next odd row knit: two one, the two facial and so on according to the same principle of the product until provyazyvaetsya, until completely cover the top of the head, as a skullcap.Макушка шапки
  • Then knit fabric pattern gum to earlobe, or if you want to make a flap at 3-4 cm longer.Шапка с отворотом

How to tie a circular cap spokes

Men's hat spokes

Мужская шапка спицамиTo create this cap prepared strands of gray and black colors, then typed on circular needles 96 loops thread gray. Then follow these steps::

  • Provyazyvaem pattern gum approximately 2 × 2 6-7 cm.
  • Then, alternately changing the color gray to black and vice versa provyazyvaem front embroidery of two rows.
  • Dovyazyvaem canvas to a height 12-13 cm, and begin to turn down loops. To do this, divide the total number of loops on 4 and mark the border marker, then provyazyvaem two loops together in front of the marked, then the resulting loop is passed through the same loop. perform subtraction, while the spokes will not remain 8 petelek, which together provyazyvaem, gently stretching through them working thread and anchoring.
  • At the completion of the work carefully sew cloth caps hiding the seam.

Baby hat knit

The following video offers detailed instructions, tells how to knit baby hats spokes:

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