How to knit a hat hook

Как вязать шапку крючкомWith addition of many other different products and the thread hook can also make caps and, and almost any shape and model. This may be a classic women's hat, or men's sports, as well as a fun fantasy for children. Assign this hat for all lovers of the hook will be easy in the case, if they possess some of the little secrets of creating this product.

How to knit a hat hook: recommendations for Beginners

main ways, which are used in the creation of crocheted hats, is knitting with crown, individual wedges or motifs, as well as the bottom product. Knit hat crochet for beginners it is recommended to crown, as in this case, to make fitting easier, and the process is much easier to work. Knit hats to the rim must be very carefully and strictly adhering to the scheme of settlement, so that ultimately deform the product.
Before the creation of hats is better to create the pattern of its, after removing all measurements: head girth, to calculate the width of the product, length of line from the forehead to the necks, for the product depth.
For a free fit to the width of the product is added a couple of centimeters.
For a simple cap without lugs rim crochet a size smaller, than the rest of the.
Caps for a length of the middle ear in total added 2 cm, and if the product is scheduled to make a genuine lobe, the 3 cm.
In order to link the cap hook from the top above all should learn knit circle hook.
In that case, if you still have chosen a method of knitting hats from the bottom up, the pattern is better to take on easier.

Various models of caps, crocheted

Children's cap with ears hook

This cap can be attributed to small children under the age of a year or for just born, eg, for the kit to be discharged. For it is necessary to prepare a yarn of cotton and a hook 2,5. Cap tally from the top, after which it is imposed bezel and lugs according to the following scheme:Детская шапочка с ушками крючком: схема

Description of work:

  • Детская шапочка с ушками крючкомKnitting circle for crown. To this end ring of a chain, consisting of 5 loops, provyazyvaem 15 Article. s / n. at the beginning of each row do 3 at. P. to lift, and at the end of the coupling loop.
  • 2p. In each loop of provyazyvaem 2 Article. s / n.
  • 3p. repeat (2 Article. s / n., 1 Article. s / n in each loop, then 1 the raised bar, 1 Article. s / n., bulging embossed column 1 of the following one loop) 7 time and end number 2 Article. s / n.
  • 4p. In this and the following ranks to eighth from Article. s / n. knitted article. s / n., but from the relief columns 1 Article. s / n., 1 the raised.
  • 9-11p. Over the centuries. s / n. provyazyvaem Article. s / n., over relief columns relief.
  • 12p repeat (2 relief column, skip the loop, Article. s / n., 2 at. P, Article. s / n., 2 fold(through two loops of Art. s / n., 2 at. P, Article. s / n.) skip the loop) 8 time.
  • 13p. repeat(2 relief column, 1 skip the loop, 3 fold 4 Article. s / n. in an arc of 2 loops) 8 fold.
  • 14-15p. Over the centuries. s / n. knit item. s / n., over relief columns relief.
  • In the next stage we are knitted on the ears queue. Starting from the middle of the circle, reckon 19 and loops of 20 We start knitting hats this part:
  • At the beginning of each row do 3 at. P
  • 1p. From each eyelet knit 17 Article. s / n.
  • 2p. Since the second knitting loops repeat (Article. s / n., at. P, Article. s / n. 2 skip the loop) 4 fold, the last loop does not provyazyvaem.
  • 3p. vyvyazyvayut 4 times in each of the previous row arc 4 Article. s / n., the last lifting loop do 1 Article. s / n.
  • 4 – 7R. at the beginning and end of the series carry decrease, provyazyvaya on 2 Article. s / n. with Article. s / n., the remaining loops knit item. s / n. . The last step to attach lugs cords, related of stitches.
  • Edge hats with ears that binds rachim shagom.Posle cap ready:Готовая детская шапочка

For those, who are not very well versed in the, as crochet knit columns we propose the following table with a clear description of the process of creating a column with sc, relief and the floor of the column or connecting columnУсловные обозначения к схеме

Another example of children's hats and a detailed description of its creation is seen in the following video below:

Men's hat, crocheted

Мужская шапка, связанная крючкомThis model fit the individual wedges. Advantage of this method is that, that in the case, if the product will be large or small in terms of the other way around, it will be enough to tie up only one or a couple of wedge, and not to alter the entire cap, but this cap is divided into more sectors.
The basic operation steps are as follows:
1.Creating a model for calculation of height and volume of the product.Образец для расчета высоты и объема изделия

2.Calculates the required number of stitches and scars of the formulas:

  • The number of loops in the linked sample × height cap / sample length = the horizontal number of loops for the entire web.
  • The number of ridges in the sample value × head circumference / length of sample in vertically = total number of scars.

3.Then we define the number of wedge, of which we are going to create a product and calculate the width. To do this, the total number of loops divided by the number of wedges.

4.At the next stage to proceed to provyazyvaniya parts according to the following scheme:Мужская шапка, связанная крючком: схема

  • 1 p. We collect the required number of loops, and do 1 loop for lifting the row and in each loop chains provyazyvaem one pillar of the floor.
  • 2 and all of the following even-numbered rows and we begin lifting loop and half columns provyazyvaem, but before the penultimate loops.
  • 3-first and all odd rows knit as a 1 th row.
  • In this way, wedges provyazyvaem to the required height and the edge loops nedovyazannyh provyazyvaem floor columns.
  • In the final step, all wedges are interconnected seam hiding + and gently contractible along the edge of the product crown.Стягиваем изделие по краю макушки.

Summer women's crochet cap

Летняя женская шапочка крючкомIn the summer as the perfect complement to the wardrobe and interesting accessories for girls or little girls can be attributed just such a cap:

Hat better knit from fine yarn, for example mercerized cotton. For girls with head circumference 53 ± 2cm need approximately 50 grams such yarn. The product created by the rim from the bottom up of a combination of simple patterns of Art. b / n and a pattern "shells", Cementing the following scheme:Узор ракушка

  • 1 repeat (3 Article. n / a., 3 in. P., 3 skip the loop)
  • 2 and all even rows repeat (3 Article. s / n., 1. P., 3 Article. s / n.) in the arc of the previous row.
  • 3 and all the odd repeat pattern: (3 at. P., 3 Article. s / n.) in an arc of 1 at. P. previous row.
  • Next knit women's crochet cap must be subject to the following steps:
  • Vyvyazyvayut ring 130 at. P.
  • Next provyazyvaem 1 number and pattern shell, starting from the second, repeat pattern according to the scheme in a circle over 14 series. In this way, fabric products should rise to a height of 9cm.
  • After this pattern is changed to a simple. To do this, in the first row of transition to knit columns without sc on the pillar, without sc, and the arc of the three loops 2 Article. b /. As a result, in the following order should be able to 130 petelek.
  • Starting from the next row, starting to form the crown by performing subtraction. To do this, in this series we find 13 loop from the beginning of the series and its provyazyvaem together with the next loop of Art. b /. Then subtraction of one loop through a series of do exactly above decrease of the previous row. We do subtraction as long, yet in the series will remain 10 petelek. Next row knit two loops together and get 5 loops, which accurately collect and contractible together with a hook and a working thread.
  • To cap or wrap around the edge, binds its columns, without sc.

It is believed, that in the wardrobe of every representative of the female should be at least three models of different hats for each season, and the kids absolutely necessary to replace the caps, so learn to knit a hat hook does not hurt any woman.

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