How to Knit hat and scarf spokes pipe: scheme,video

Как вязать шапку и шарф трубу спицамиVery original and looks spectacular model of joined together hats and scarf, called a cap-tube-scarf. Assign a product is not just easy, and it is very easy and the strength to absolutely everyone, who owns a little basics of knitting. Currently, it is becoming more and more popular, Yes, and it is not surprising, since it has its advantages:

  • It is almost all.
  • just as a scarf, you can use the product or decorating accessory and even to him tie spokes cap.
  • In cold weather warm a hat and head and neck.
  • Therefore we advise you to try and make yourself a universal headdress.

How to Knit a Scarf tube: recommendations

  • If you want to create a seamless product, it is better to knit on knitting hosiery, otherwise the spokes and line, the length of which a little more than the future of the universal fabric headdress.
  • In that case, if the cap is intended for use in the cold season, it should not be too loose, but too tight a model is not worth doing, to carry it did not cause any discomfort and it was quite supple and beautifully perched on the head.
  • Openwork patterns, started as a wardrobe element tames, often made wider.
  • Bound hat scarf tube with a seam, wear better, positioning the product sewn forward part, since in the neck folds and the product is going to be a seam not to focus the attention.
  • In order for the product beautifully sitting on the head and neck, the edges should be undergirding denser rubber and spokes into smaller, than were taken to the base web provyazyvaniya.
  • pattern density calculating better after drying the sample Streaky, in order not to add extra loops.
  • Knit cap and scarf tube, you can use a variety of patterns, but it will be easier and faster, if we take as its basis a simple pattern gum, and a little girl looks best product, linked rubber 1 × 1.
  • Body width vymeryat based on the density of knitting, and head circumference plus 2-3 cm free encirclement.

The process of creating the tube caps and scarf

Knit cap tube on circular needles

  • Вяжем шапку трубу на круговых спицахYarn Trinity, half, consisting of wool and acrylic prepare hosiery knitting needles Pjaterochka. The basic pattern take gum Faceted, Cementing the following scheme: all odd rows 2 LP, 2 iz.p, and even - 1 front, 2 LP, 2 iz.p, and garter pattern for the edge of the article.
  • Calculate the required number of loops, adjust it to a multiple of four and distribute the four spokes of a knit.
  • Knit pattern gum product to the desired length, in this case 80 series, then continue knitting more rows stocking st.
  • For the beauty of the upper portion of the article, you can tuck the edges and sew a hidden seam.

Assign a cap pipe without seams as possible and using circular spokes. For this purpose, at the beginning of a number of loops must be interconnected in a ring for circular knitting.

It is also possible to take a picture of any other main pattern, eg, It looks very nice cap needles pipe circuit, is represented below:

Root knit it should gum 1 × 1 additional thinner needles, and through a series of 10, go to the main pattern, and continue to work to the required length.

Openwork hat and scarf tube, related two spokes

Openwork knit a muffler pipe better circular needles of appropriate size of a fine yarn, such as cotton. Whereupon the product is performed according to the following steps below:

  • For width scarf 95 see typed 120 petelek.
  • Two or four rows provyazyvayutsya front embroidery (number of backing, front row).
  • Then 1 range of facial loops to decrease 4 loops, in each quarter of the canvas.
  • Then knit scarf tube to the height of the product 40 cm, must be as follows:Ажурные шапка и шарф труба: схема
  • Finish knitting products facial next, with a uniform decrease 22 eyelets and 4 rows of the front satin stitch. The result here is a pretty little thing:Ажурные шапка и шарф труба

Another example of creating a scarf and pipe caps in the following two video lessons:

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