How to knit a shawl spokes: scheme, video

Как вязать шаль спицамиThe world is beautiful and diverse shawls. This product is not only warm the cool evening, but also to become a great addition to the evening even along. Can tie shawl Kryuchkom, or spokes. And in both cases the products are obtained simply gorgeous. Shawls needles are knitted mainly by means of various patterns openwork, so that they get easy and gentle. Knitting shawls knitting needles for beginners can be an excellent exercise to master even the most complex schemes, and different patterns provyazyvaniya. Let's consider some examples are not very complicated knitting shawls of various models.

Ажурная шаль спицамиOpenwork shawl spokes diagram and description

This model shawl turns gentle and very light. Another advantage of it is, that link it will be able to even a novice, because its circuit is not so difficult. The shawl is knitted using circular and straight thin spokes, the hook, and thin yarn mohair adding silk. The product is knitted according to Scheme two openwork patterns, one of which is intended for the base web, and the second strapping edge.

Description of the work process:

Ажурная шаль спицами схемаCreating a shawl starts at the bottom of its angle with a set of spokes on a simple 7 petelek. From the first row of knitted fabric according to Scheme A filigree pattern.

In accordance with the circuit pattern provyazyvaetsya in the even rows until 42 a number, then wrap ends of pattern rows, beginning with 33 series to the last. In the odd rows all loops are knitted purl. In order to continuously loops will not fall from the needles, at the time when the product will become increasingly necessary to throw them on circular needles, Knit the next row of.
Edge shawl is knitted separately, starting with a set of 12 provyazyvaniya loops and the first two rows of the front satin stitch. Starting from the third row to the point, when the web reaches a height 240 see fit rim of the second circuit pattern with an openwork:
At the completion of the fringe is sewn to the base web, since one of its upper edges. After that the product is wrapped with a hook: in the first row of columns without sc, and the second pattern of the three air pico tabs. After that delicate shawl can be considered finished.

Harun shawl spokes

Recently, quite often in many fashionistas can see exactly this kind of shawls, called horuni, most often used as a beautiful addition to decorating the wardrobe. This model is different from the normal models, its shape in the form of slightly rounded at the sides of the triangle. Yarn is taken in accordance with the, modelku what you want to get a result: warmer or light summer. An excellent example of knit shawls Harun is the next model:Шаль харуни спицами

Assign this model shawl Harun as possible in accordance with the following schemes alone.

Шаль харуни спицами: схема

Based on the following the following conventions:Шаль харуни спицами: условные обозначения

For beginners to master this needlework offer for the model shawl horuni detailed description:

  • Knitting start with a lower corner of the product with a set of spokes on three loops. Edge loops all the rows do more free, not to pull the side of the product, and then straighten the scarf as it is necessary. Second distal edge provyazyvaem front loop
  • The first five rows provyazyvaem only only three loops, wherein also the second front knit.
  • In the next row at the beginning and end of the row gets three loops, which will be open-work edge products in the future.
  • In order to better navigate in the pattern in the lower corner of the center label the thread of a different color or specially designed for this marker.
  • Further included in the work circuit pattern with 1 and provyazyvaem with him edge shawls and loop, is the midpoint of the product, in the following way:
  • The odd rows retake first loop, the first two, middle and last three facial, the remaining loops according to the drawing.
  • In all even rows and a middle hinge region provyazyvaem both odd, a pattern loops - Wrong.
  • Further shawl is knitted in the same way to size.
  • Then proceed to the following scheme, starting on the right side of her repeating the pattern until halves, at the end of which a final repeat, then the front provyazyvaetsya average loop further next half is knitted from the start of segment, indicated in yellow and ending their. At the beginning and at the end of a series provyazyvaetsya 3 facial loops.
  • Beginning with 17 by 27 row, We provide simultaneous decrease at the edges and between the addition of the loop patterns leaves, according to the scheme. In this series, the average loop is replaced by a central section. Recent loops knit in sequence: nakid, d loops together as a facial, 2 facial.
  • Close the loop product must be as follows:: 2 times provyazyvaem two loops together and toss them over to the other eyelet, then provyazyvaem the same loops over the front loop and toss them back. In this way, actions are repeated 8 time. After that, the next three loops together and provyazyvaem close loop, and average thrown through a new loop. Then we return two loops and provyazyvaem them together as one face. In this way, action is performed to the end of the series, then the last loop is fixed and all protruding strands are cleaned in fabric.
  • The completion of the creation of her shawl is hand wash and giving the necessary form, until the product wet, then drying it.

In the following video are invited to view the process of knitting a shawl tippet:

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