How to knit a shawl crocheted

Как вязать шаль крючкомFrom time immemorial, knitted shawls enjoyed great demand and popularity amongst the most demanding and capricious fashionistas. These beautiful products are not only able to become a perfect decoration and give the image of romance and tenderness, but also warm the cold winter evenings, because you can link them, using the thinnest thread, and a thick woolen. And with a hook, your zeal and available in the arsenal of hand-knitting patterns, shawl can become a real masterpiece.

Several useful for beginners secrets and tips on knitting shawls

  • Despite, patterns that you can use to tie the shawl a huge number of start learning to knit it much better with the most simple drawings, to immediately not entangled in bulky notation more complex schemes.
  • Knit shawls can be only one color, or by using several different colors.
  • If the shawl is created from parts motifs, it will be easier, if the first link all the necessary parts, and then gently hold them together according to the scheme, because while their connection will require much more attention and skill. though of course, if you adapt himself and focus, it is possible to knit motifs directly connecting them to the drawing and the finished product.
  • The easiest way to create a shawl with a hook is provyazyvaniya it from the bottom corner.
  • When you create a shawl need to very closely monitor the pattern and all the necessary additions, to ensure that the product is not deformed, and the pattern is not lost.

model shawls, Crochet for beginners

This model is starting to knit shawls with the bottom corner. The principle of its creation based on incremental addition in each row of main report figure. At the beginning of each even number of loops performed five to raise a number of, and four odd.

Схема шалиGetting started is as follows:

  • recruit 7 aerial loops.
  • 1p. The third loop is threaded typed hook and is knitted from her post with sc (Article. s / n), then carry 1 air loop (at. P.) and tighter in. P. We do the second item. s / n.
  • 2p. In the loop century. s / n previous row provyazyvaem Art. s / n, air loop, second article. s / n, and. P. out of him, and then the third item. s / n in the same loop. After that is knitted in two. P. and threading the hook in the fourth. P. lifting chains and make 1 Article. s / n.
  • 3p. In verse. s / n previous row provyazyvaem Art. s / n, then make into. P. and tighter loop chain again do item. s / n. Miss two in. P., then in each of the following 5 hinges on provyazyvaem 1 Article. s / n, and the third lifting loop of the previous row is knitted: Article. s / n, at. P., Article. s / n, at. P. and further 1 Article. s / n.
  • 4p. In the third loop of the previous row or the second item. s / n knit back * Article. s / n, at. P., Article. s / n, at. P. and further 1 Article. s / n. *, miss two loops in each subsequent knit series 5 Article. s / n, again miss two loops, and knit the next loop at the beginning of a series of * to *, do 2 at. P., series concludes provyazyvaniya Article. s / n to a third lifting loop.
  • 5 and all of the following odd rows knit to end of row on the same principle, that the third.
  • 6 and all even rows completely provyazyvaem, repeating the pattern until the end of the fourth series.

Shawl is a more dense, so you can link it from fine yarn.

In the next video more clearly presented material, tells how to tie a scarf shawl crocheted:

Central-AgurOpenwork knit shawls

Most openwork shawls and often tally of individual motifs. An example of this shawl is the next model:

Knit it should be of fine crochet thread 2, 5. The motifs may be prepared in advance, and can be connected directly and, as they get a small size. All components of the shawls are knitted by following simple scheme:shawl tracery: scheme

Principles of knitting this motif is a string of thirteen in. P. Then knitting is continued on the following scheme:
1-5 p In the beginning of the series is done 3 lifting loop, then 1 loop is passed, and in the next st provyazyvaetsya column without sc, then it is knitted from 1 at. P., again 1 the loop is skipped, and the column is knitted without sc and the air loop, and so on until the end of the series.
Starting from the next row, circularly knitting proceeds from the corner of a square.
6p. Provyazyvaem 6 Article. b / n in each loop, then the last is knitted 5 at. P. and are fixed in a circle in the first, created a loop connecting the loop, then the resulting ring gets engaged 2 column, without sc, Four of pico 3 pp. and again 2 Article. b /. Then in the same direction, that in the beginning of the series in each subsequent loop provyazyvayutsya Article. b / n exactly to the middle of the next side of the square and then repeated knitting, since provyazyvaniya 5 stitches.
7p. In a square angle provyazyvaem 1 Article. s / n, do 6 at. P. and get involved in the second of their pico Article. b /, then 6 at. P., We connect to the next through one pico and again provyazyvaem 6 at. P., which enshrines Article. s / n in the second corner of a square. Likewise provyazyvayutsya all sides of the square.
8r.Vvyazyvaem in an arc of six loops 4 Article. b /, dot, 4 Article. b /, the next arc doing 3 repeat on 2 Article. b / n, and 1 pico and finally provyazyvaem more 2 Article. b /, the third side of the square arch provyazyvaem, as in the first 4 Article. b /, dot, 4 Article. b /. The following motif similar to the first side provyazyvayutsya.
If the motives were bred separately, at the end of the creation of all parts of the four points, where they were knit pico, parts are held together by connecting column. If you decide to connect just motivations, the same way they are held together during operation.
The final stage of work is the treatment of edge shawls provyazyvaniya each loop, Additionally dot polustolbiki. At the same pico, provyazyvaetsya 2 connecting column around the edges and in the middle 3 Article. b /.

Crochet shawl tippet

The following video shows one more model-shawl tippet. Unlike her previous models in the, that it is connected in the form of a rectangle:

Shawl square motifs

Very rich and impressive looks next white shawl embroidered with flowers,created from square motifs. Associate it also is not difficult, we just have to carefully follow the following scheme.shal-bel1

Gorgeous models, a huge number of shawls for every taste and color, so find something interesting for yourself for every fashionista-needlewoman not be difficult. And learn to knit crochet scarf is not so difficult, important in this process, learn the basic types of loops in crochet and learn how to read diagrams.

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