How to knit gum spokes: simple, English, double, Polish, French

Как вязать резинку спицамиVery lightweight and flexible product is obtained by knitting his pattern gum. Such binding is often used for knitting sweaters bottom, blouses, necks products, and scarves. In manual knitting collection includes several varieties of gum pattern, differing not only a way of knitting, but look. In order that the web has turned more flavorful better knit elastic knitting needles in diameter or equal to the thickness of the thread, or no more than 1,5 more. The most common types of this pattern are:

  • simple: 1×1, 2×2, etc..
  • English,
  • twin,
  • Polish,
  • French

As a simple knit gum

yzanie-rezinki-spizami1Simple elastic knitted using different combinations of main loop, that is, the right and wrong. Thanks to, that the web, Knit with this pattern, obtained elastic and well-trailing, mating with a similar pattern used in cases, when you want to achieve the effect of encirclement of the product, eg, sweatshirt, or its individual parts, such as lady's mantle, collar, edge of the neck and the bottom product. Simple bands are usually conditionally designated with the numbers 2×2 or 1×2, where the first number indicates the number of facial loops, and the second in the report backstitches. In this way, gum bind needles can be simple with almost any combination of the main loop, important only in this case to comply with the proportions, that will be an elastic web. We consider several variants of a pattern diagram of a simple gum:

  1. Elastic band 1×1. All rows knit facial loops sequence: front, Wrong. All purl provyazyvaem on the front face, over wrong Wrong.
  2. Elastic 2×2. Number of loops must be a multiple of two plus two edge. All odd rows fit two end, purl two, and odd to meet figure as well as for the elastic 1×1 purl over purl vymazyvaja over facial.
  3. Elastic 2×1. Number of loops for such a gum must be divisible by three, plus two loops on the edge:
  • 1p. Provyazyvaem to the end of the series 2 facial, 1 seamy.
  • 2p. Throughout the series fit in a report: 1 Wrong, 2 facial.
  • WITH 3 a number of knitting pattern is repeated with 1 a number.

An important consideration when you select provyazyvaniya simple gum is the size of the product, So, eg, for large it is possible to take a combination of 4×4, and main circuit pattern, since for the harmonious appearance of the product it is very important, all it combines.

How to Knit English gum

Как вязать английскую резинку 1x1British gum is the most popular among all the representatives of this pattern. It also has the second name bubble. Today, thanks to its lush and textured appearance and soft texture, it is widely used for knitting of such products, as a cardigan, scarf, hats and other bulk products. English is not advisable to knit elastic cuffs and needles for the edges of the product, since the web is connected to these pattern it is soft and not very flexible. English gum pattern made with basic loops and loop-sc. Roadmap for English pattern elastic 1×1, the following:

  • Gaining an odd number of loops, then the first row of the report provyazyvaem: 1 nakid, 1 a loop, The withdrawal does not knit, Working thread throws for canvas, 1 front.
  • 2 row. Nakid, 1 loop shot is not knit, two loops provyazyvayutsya as one front.
  • 3 row. Two loops provyazyvayutsya as one front, nakid, 1 loop spreads not knit.

Closing loops British gum is slightly different from the completion of a simple cloth. That region to get a nice and smooth fit first preparatory series. To this end, the following actions are performed:

  • Fabric is knitted in the same way, where the loop without nakida spreads not knit on right needle, a loop with sc, previous row provyazyvayutsya as one front, in this way, steps are repeated until the end of the series.
  • Then it is possible to close the loops product as usual.

If English резинка1×1 knitted in the circular knitting, the sequence of the loop is a bit different:

  • 1p. front, nakid, not knit loop.
  • 2p. Nakid, not knit loop, Wrong.
  • 3p. Two loops together, not knit loop.

Как вязать английскую резинку 2x2Also looks very good English elastic band 2×2, for it is taken the number of loops, delyashteesya of 4 plus two edge:

  • 1 row. It fits for ordinary gum successively two end, purl two. The last two loops of a number of facial loops provyazyvayutsya.
  • 2 row. repeat: we do sc, The following retake two loops on the right needle is not knit, two face. At the end of the series is sc and the last two loops shoot not knit.
  • Английская резинка 2x2: схема3 row. Sc and a loop of the previous row along the front provyazyvaem, 1 front, nakid,two loops do not leave knit. At the end of the series penultimate loop with sc provyazyvaem front and also the last face.
  • 4 row. Knitting for Rapport: nakid, two non-loop knit, provyazyvaetsya next loop with sc front, then again front. Several one end and two non nakida knit loops.
  • On this same principle, starting from the third row and further knitting continues until the desired size of the web.

How to knit a double gum spokes

Как вязать двойную резинку спицамиTo the canvas in such product elements, as a neck or cuff, as well as knitting scarves, belts or hats were more dense and could better keep its shape using a type of pattern gum, called double gum. Learn to knit beginners such as gum will just, as well as more experienced handy:

  • Set the loops for a double gum must be equal to an even number and divided into four plus the two edge.
  • First row knit follows: front, Knit the front wall,1 loop reshoot not knit, Working yarn before moving web and so on until the end of the row.
  • 2row. 1 Wrong, 1 loop knit is not removed, working thread toss for the product.
  • In the third and subsequent rows of knitting is repeated from the first row.

More clearly familiarize yourself with how to knit a double elastic band, you can use the following video:

Belts and scarves for a double or a hollow gum is best done in a circular knitting, with special spokes. But in this case all the rows provyazyvayutsya the same pattern: front loop, 1 peresnyataya not knit.

How to Knit Polish gum spokes

Polish gum is an excellent solution for creating products such as Snudy or scarf-collar, as well as for children's veshchichek, thanks, it loose and airy structure. Polish knit elastic band can be in one of two ways:

  1. As knitting needles diagram Polish gumNumber of loops for provyazyvaniya gum must be divisible by 4 and plus 2 edge. All odd rows sequentially provyazyvaem: 2 facial loop, 2 loop seamy, and all odd-numbered rows in the beginning is knitted 1 Wrong, then repeat:2 facial loops and 2 purl, last loop series provyazyvaem front.
  2. The second embodiment is taken as the number of loops fold 4 plus the addition to it 2 the edge. All facial series in sequence provyazyvayutsya: 1 front loop, 1 a loop, knit purl, two face. For backstitches series following sequence: 1 Wrong loop, 3 loops facial.

Polish knit elastic knitting needles for beginners will help the next video:

How to Knit a French gum spokes

Как вязать французскую резинку спицамиTo associate gum French number of loops necessary to recruit a, that it was divided into four plus two loops for the edge. Gum is as follows alternating main loop:

  • 1p. alternatively 2 purl loops and 2 facial for the back wall.
  • 2p. repeat the sequence: 1 Wrong loop, 2 facial for the back wall, 1 Wrong.
  • The following rows are knitted over the first.

Knit French gum and the following method can be:

  • Gaining loop, the number of which must be divisible by three plus 3 loops for wales and symmetry.
  • In all odd rows knit sequentially to penultimate loop: 1 seamy loop, after shooting 1 loop not knit, then provyazyvaem following the rear wall, returning the removed loop on the needle and also provyazyvaem it behind the back wall of the front loop, last loop of a number of purl provyazyvaetsya.
  • Even rows provyazyvaem follows. Knit loop sequence 1 front loop, not retake loop knit, following knit purl, return not knit loop on the left needle and purl it provyazyvaem. Several finish the front loop.

Types of gum a lot, Therefore, when choosing a particular model,for, that the product looked harmoniously, Taking the following nuances:

  • Density and drawing gum, must comply with the basic fabric pattern and type of product, for which is gum.
  • Not all types of gum can be used in circular knitting, since many of them have patent, that is, a two-way pattern. it, eg, bands such as French or English 2×2.
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