How to knit raglan spokes – chart and video

Как вязать реглан спицамиA unique way to cut products with seamless sleeve, called Raglan was coined back in 19 Century England, Since then, the product created in this way have become quite popular. For those, who loves or wants to learn to knit baby veshchichki, It is very useful to know, how to knit raglan spokes, since this is the way to create products allows blouse, platishko and similar products virtually seamless. In addition, and things for adults, associated with raglan sleeves look quite interesting and impressive. Raglan knit spokes can, starting work, as the top product, and below. Let us consider each of the options.

How to knit raglan top spokes

Как вязать реглан спицами сверхуIn order to link the spokes raglan top, that is, from the mouth of the product must use circular needles. Let us consider the process of this knitting by creating sviterochke.
first, what must be done before, directly start making products - is to calculate the number of loops for the neck. This is done as follows::

  • First vymeryat neck circumference and calculate the density of knitting 1 see product. Then, added to the value, neck circumference measured 4 see for free fit and multiplying that number by the calculated value of the knitting density. After that, the resulting number is divided by three parts: for forehand, sleeves and the rear shelf. In that case, if the number of loops multiple of three it did not work and it is planned to create a thing for the child, the remaining loops distribute such a way, that part of the loop, is intended for the sleeves, It could be divided into two, and the front part was a little smaller than the rest. Then subtract from part, allocated to the sleeve 8 loops, to the knitting line raglan (of equal 2 loops) and divide it into two equal parts. When, if the product is for adult, is subtracted from the sleeves of 1.5 cm, that are thrown on the front and back of the product, with it on the back adds a little more loops than before. Example calculation for vyvazhivanija products with a shift sleeve can be viewed in the following figure:Пример расчета при вязании изделия с рукавом реглан
  • To forehand neckline was lower, than on the back, loop typed as follows: at first 1 loop for a forehand, then for raglan line, for sleeves, to line, to back, to line, for sleeves, 1 loop for a forehand. After that, special pins markers, or by using pieces of filaments, with a color different from the basic product, allocated to each raglan line.
  • The next step is to proceed provyazyvaniya neck, do not forget to add a loop at the beginning and end of the series, necessary for the formation of a forehand products. neck provyazyvaniya continues until, all necessary forehand loops will be added to the web.
  • After that, we throw every piece of knitting needles and knit stocking the product in circles, adding the line raglan one loop. In this way, raglan knitting continues until all the raglan length of lines is below the armpits on the line 5 cm.

For more details how to knit raglan top for sweaters with clasps tell the next video:

How to knit raglan bottom spokes

Как вязать реглан спицами снизуAccording to many needlewomen, raglan knit spokes below much easier. In order to create a product with tselnokroynym sleeve likewise, you first need to knit all four parts of, namely two arms, back and bottom up to the size before individually, when the blade does not reach the armhole line. Then each of the parts spreads to hosiery and knitting needles in the correct sequence forming all parts of the product are connected circularly knitting. Loop diminishes uniformly in every part of the beginning of the series after two loops for strips raglan and end of the row before raglan loop line, until, yet does not dovyazhetsya to the neck line.

products, associated with raglan sleeves are more free, so this method is more suitable for practical knitting jumpers and free sports dresses and tunics, Well, of course, Clothes for babies and very young children.

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