How to Knit Gloves

Как вязать перчатки спицамиKnitted gloves for cold winter, a cool summer will always find its place in any wardrobe and will fall at, by the way, for women, so for the man and child, Therefore, learn to tie this useful piece of clothing will be very useful, as the product, created with their own hands is always nice to wear, especially, they are masters of precisely according to size and taste preferences of the future owner. Knit gloves are different ways, but the most common is via spokes hosiery. For needlewomen recently started knit, create a process glove it may seem at first glance incredibly difficult. In fact, of course, work time-consuming and require a lot of attention, but also to learn to do it is quite possible, To do this, just be patient and learn the basic principles of its.

How to knit gloves hosiery needles: general rules and recommendations

  • Выполняются необходимые замеры For, that the product has turned out neat and gloves sit well on a hand in the accuracy of its shape beautifully relieve th her knit gloves are best thin woolen, or with additives or wool yarn and angorovoy such thin needles.
  • Knit gloves better a few centimeters longer, than the actual circumference of the hand, especially, if knitting is performed elastic pattern or elastic yarn. For simple knitting, such as hosiery, eg, the value of arm circumferential subtracted 1 cm.
  • Firstly, as for any other product, before knitting gloves carried out the necessary measurements and calculations for loop, to be able to tie the glove to size.
  • As seen in the figure below, obmeryat need to grasp the hand just above the thumb, height from the beginning of the hand before the thumb, prior to the base of the little finger and index.
  • The number of initial stitches is calculated by the formula: knitting density, calculated horizontally or number of loops in one centimeter blade multiplied by the circumference of the hand.
  • Knit glove can start from the bottom up, or with fingers. Let us consider two of these methods.

Knitting children's gloves 5 spoke with fingers

Вяжем детские перчаткиFor all beginners to start learning masters always recommended to create small things. So in this case it is better to first try to tie spokes children's gloves, therefore, consider the example of the creation of all the main stages and the secrets of creating this product for grasping the handle 13 cm:

  • For each of the four fingers of the gloves, excluding large, recruited by 6 petelek, and then they in turn is knitted as follows::
  • Loops are thrown on 3 spoke of two things and painting provyazyvaetsya circular front embroidery. In the second row is knitted two end of each loop, in this way, the number of loops is doubled. Thereafter the finger is knitted to the desired length according to the selected pattern. For the little finger must be knit 36mm height, for the ring and middle - 0,5 cm, for index - 45mm. After provyazyvaniya each finger, except for little finger, loops are thrown to pins or spokes for supporting, that they do not have blossomed, after which the yarn off your fingers and you can sew.
  • When all the parts are connected, loops fingers thrown four spokes, so that their order has been complied with. As a result, should get a pair of fingers on two spokes, located on both sides of webs.
  • The next step is to start knitting little finger, and in which the working strand was left. Knit front embroidery, provyazyvaya last couple of loops little finger together, then the first two loop halves of the ring finger together provyazyvayutsya, and then knit a simple canvas. Same, to decrease, first at the end of, then the first half finger, provyazyvayutsya all the loops in a circle of fingers.
  • Then circularly knitting continues until, perchatochkah until it reaches the beginning of the thumb.
  • Large finger knitted separately on three spokes and also begins with 6 loops and adding up 12 loops. Cloth finger provyazyvaetsya to a height 30 mm, then twice through a number of additions are made on both sides of a finger on one eyelet.
  • After that, as the finger is ready, it must attach itself to the glove, knit product in a circle with thumb loops, and do not forget to do subtraction at the beginning and end of each half finger. In the next row as on the canvas thumb decreases 4 hinges on two on each side.
  • Next, through a series of first loop thumb provyazyvaetsya with the last loop of fabric hand and on the other hand the last loop of thumb is knitted together with the upper side of the web gloves. Similarly, subtraction is made until, until the number of loops will not be equal to the number, which was prior to joining the thumb.
  • The last step is started provyazyvaniya glove cuff or patterned gum 1 × 1, or 2 × 2 to the required height. After that first perchatochkah ready.
  • The second glove fit on the same principle, but in a mirror image arrangement of fingers.

The same scheme can be created as male, and women's gloves. To this end, it is only necessary to adjust the size, and choose the appropriate pattern.

Knit Women's gloves from the bottom up, from the cuff to the fingers

Вяжем женские перчаткиThis product is fit for grasping hands 20 cm, thin woolen yarns in the following sequence:

  • Cuff. recruit 52 loop cuff to start and distribute them to the hosiery needles. Knit 13 series pattern gum 1 × 1. If desired, the gum can be knit rows, alternating threads of different colors
  • Wedge beginning of thumb. When this knitting member, made additions. For the left hand at the end of the fourth number of spokes, for the right – in the beginning. So, for example start with the right. We do in the beginning of the series in the first spoke sc, provyazyvaem one loop and then do sc, the remaining loops provyazyvaem stocking st. Then we begin to perform addition in each fourth row,, also making sc at the beginning of a series of, then provyazyvaya 3, then the surplus in the next row 5 loops, and so on, each time adding two loops, then we make a new sc and continue knitting in a circle. Additions perform prior thumb or in this case, when the product reaches a height 6 cm. Then added to the wedge tabs are thrown on the two pins. The first seven tabs, and the second six. Then on the fifth needle gets 6 petelek, which are added to your knitting, connecting in series provyazyvaniya new glove in a circle. After that, in each row, new tabs Bates two using provyazyvaniya at the beginning and end of a row of two loops together, until, yet they are not left alone Collar. In the next step provyazyvaem glove before the little finger, ie. still 3 ryadochka. Then, fabric products should be divided by the relevant parts of all other fingers, namely 8 shares for the back and outer sides of the fingers. In this example, it turned on 13 loops for each finger. But since the circumference of each of the fingers is slightly different, eventually loops for each finger to toss pins, distributing their number as follows: on the little finger and the middle stands out for 13 loops, the untitled-11, on the index 15.After that we begin individually knit into every finger. Let's start, for example with the index. To do this, we have a loop, left on provyazyvaniya finger, on hosiery knitting, in the following way. Provyazyvaem first 4 eyelets, throwing them into the first needle, then take the second loop, provyazyvaem on it the following 3 and add to them another extra, the third spoke first throws two new tabs, then dovyazyvaem her three, remaining 5 loops bandages to the next needle. Fabric finger fit in a circle until the moment, when the nail begins, after which it should be rounded by a decrease at the beginning of a series on 1 and 3 spoke at the end of the 2nd and 4th. knitting continue, until all the spokes will not remain a total 6 loops, which together provyazyvaem.
  • In the same way everyone else is performed knitting gloves fingers. Moreover, it should turn to the middle finger on the spokes 3 fold 5 loops, and once four, for a nameless - 3 fold 4 and cocks 1 time 5, for the little finger on all the spokes on 4 eyelets.
  • Thumb loops distribution is as follows:. All loops are thrown with a pin on a supporting needle, after which 1 and 2 stocking spoke on provyazyvaetsya 5 loops. The last three tabs provyazyvayutsya following stocking spokes, and added to them yet 2 new loops, vyvyazannye from the edge of the hole for the thumb. For the latter, spokes 5 the same is knitted loops of the ground fabric. Then finger knitting process is similar.
  • A second glove is necessary to knit the same pattern, but first be adjusted to some points, since the two gloves are mirror relation to each other.

The following example is offered to view video, how to knit gloves for women:

Как связать спицами перчатки без пальцевHow to tie spokes fingerless gloves

very fashionable, particularly among young people, recently it began to acquire in addition to his wardrobe fingerless gloves. Make this no ordinary model is much easier, than its ancestors, as in this case, did not need the ability to bind fingers. Knit gloves without fingers as necessary as described in the second method, since the cuff, and in places beginning fingers loops simply closed. Once the product is ready to start at the edges of his fingers can tie the hook connecting columns.

Fingerless gloves are also another name – mitts. More clearly tell, how to knit fingerless gloves video shown below:

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