How to knit shirt front spokes

Как вязать манишку спицамиOnce previously popular form of scarf, resembling a collar and called shirtfront currently continues to be in demand. And it is not surprising, since such a part of the wardrobe is very convenient especially for the kids, because quite tightly fits the throat and thus protects against cold temperatures. To this end, it is not necessary to wrap around the neck or as a regular scarf tie, but just enough to wear it and if there is a clasp to fasten it. In addition, with proper selection of models, thread colors and pattern shirtfront and can be a great decoration for any fashionable wardrobe. Initially dickey created only as a supplement to the male wardrobe, but now this piece wardrobe has become more familiar and for women and children. All knitted shirt front, based on the same principles with the only difference in their design.

A few rules and tips, how to knit shirt front:

  • In order for a product they do not lose their shape longer possible to knit it better thick viscous. Therefore, you can take the size of the spokes, thinner than half the size, It would be required for a given yarn knitting other products.
  • Threads should choose natural, with the least addition of synthetic.
  • In order to make a seamless shirt front or with the smallest number of them, hosiery needles need and ability raglan knit spokes.
  • More convenient and faster to knit shirt front without fasteners, starting from the neck.
  • The number of initial stitches is calculated based on the knitting density and neck circumference plus a couple of centimeters free obleganie.
  • For, that would not curled edge of the shirt front, you can tie the hook polustolbikami or columns without sc.
  • For very young children, dickey better to do with pugovichkami, positioned laterally on shoulder, as the dress over her head on a baby product is not very convenient, and many of the baby does not like this procedure.

Knit shirt front spokes childrenВяжем манишку спицами детям

For this we take the shirt front hosiery needles, hook and a children's dense acrylic. Then follow these steps::

  • Two spokes recruit 80 loops for, including the edge, and distributed to all hosiery knitting needles and begin to knit into the neck pattern elastic band 3×3.
  • Raise the neck up to the height 16 cm, then proceed to additions on the shoulders and chest. To this end, alternately, It is on one side of each front loops, the other in every third row, We are knitted from the previous row purl two loops purl. In this way, knit product, until backstitches loops in each space does not add up 12.
  • The next row close all the loops and proceed to tying shirt front edge. To do this, take the hook, introduce its products in extreme loop and pull the first loop. Then provyazyvaem two rows of columns in a circle, without sc, and the third final row is made as follows: provyazyvaem 1 polustolbik, then enter through one loop in the thread fabric and make one loop 5 columns without sc, again miss a single loop and continue knitting, again starting with 1 polustolbika.

Knit shirt front spokes with buttons for women

Вяжем манишку спицами для женщин на пуговицахThis cute shirt front knitted from yarn gray, half consisting of wool, and half of the alpaca. To work also need circular needles №5 and size for thinner provyazyvaniya gum. Dickey is made of two parts. Operation starts from the wrong side:

  • To the top of the shirt front recruit 62 loops on the spokes, prepared for provyazyvaniya gum, and 1 We perform a series of facial loops.
  • Second row start and end 6 facial loops, with only one difference, in, that in the beginning and still provyazyvaem 2 backstitches loop, all the rest of the loop series pattern knitted elastic band 2×2. Gum provyazyvaem height 4 cm.
  • Then proceed to the main part of the product. To do this, choose the thicker spokes, and a number of the below-described manner provyazyvaem. At the beginning and end of the series 6 facial, a middle 50 according to Scheme A1 tabs. In this way, product provyazyvaem more 16 cm, and in the next row to close the one and the other side of the web at 6 petelek. Perekydыvaem 50 the remaining loops on auxiliary needle and create in the same way, as the first of the second part of the article.Схема  A1 узора манишки женской
  • After that, the two parts will be ready, starting compound two parts shirtfronts. For this purpose, the main spokes recruit 6 eyelets and provyazyvaem alternately open loops of the first and second parts of the article and get even more 6 petelek.
  • After provyazyvaem compound series as follows. At the beginning and end of a series of 6 facial loops, the average loop on drawing scheme. Thus we continue to knit another product 14 cm. After that change to thinner needles, we add in the first row on each side of one loop and all ranks, from this, knit by the following scheme: in the beginning of the series do 6 facial and two backstitches, and at the end 6 facial, the average loop knit elastic 2×2. Lower gum also provyazyvaem height 4 cm.
  • The end of the sewing work is pugovichek.

Knit shirt front spokes for men

Вяжем манишку спицами для мужчинKnit shirt front men for the best most simple viscous, having strict concise pattern, eg, band 3×3 as shown in this example:

  • starts with a set of 80 to 60 loops, depending on the circumference of the neck of the future product owner. an important prerequisite, of which will depend on the number of initial loops, also it is, that their number should be a multiple of 3.
  • Starting to knit shirt front, as usual with the throat knitting pattern "gum" to the desired length on the hosiery knitting.
  • Then we begin forming the main part. Provyazyvaem another two rows of the figure and added to each sixth row of one loop at the beginning of a number on each stocking spokes.
  • Dovyazyvaem product, in this way, to the desired length and close the fabric loop.
  • Edge binds with a hook 1-2 rows polustolbikov.
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