How to knit braids: a photo, charts and videos

Как вязать косы спицамиVery beautiful patterns are obtained, resembling real pigtails. Decorating this pattern can be and baby, women and even men veshchichki. Virtually any product pattern braid will look quite impressive and attractive, and equally interesting is this binding, as a separate element, and the combination of different intricate designs. In order to tie braids spokes need some skill, special auxiliary needle and, of course, Some knowledge of the secrets of its creation.

How to knit braids: Tips for Beginners

Before you begin knit products, where one of the main elements of the pattern is pattern "spit" should be aware of the following:

  • Спицы для провязывания косIn order to knitting pattern with needles Spit it easier, must be purchased for generating this figure a special needle. This operating tool used also for provyazyvaniya wiring pattern, and it is as follows:
  • In order to pattern turned out accurately and beautifully auxiliary needle take a size smaller, What are the main spokes.
  • Braid pattern depends not only on the initial set of loops, but also on the thickness of the selected thread. To figure with wide braid more suitable thick and fluffy thread, and narrow braid can be taken and a thin cotton.
  • When choosing products for the future pattern braids must take into account the fact, that when provyazyvaniya cloth little shrinks and narrows. And with that in mind to pick up the yarn, and calculate the required number of loops.
  • Instead of needles for provyazyvaniya braids and plaits can use a special pin great for knitting, or take one of the spokes hosiery.
  • The direction of the braid can be adjusted in the right direction, correctly positioning the auxiliary needle. In that case, if the needle remains at the work canvas, the crossing of the braid will be directed to the right side, And if before the product, then to the left.

How to knit a double braid needles

Double-spoke Xhosa is the most basic representative of this pattern and the complexity of the implementation is considered to be the most simple and consists of two weaves. View a similar pattern can be changed, making pigtail narrower, either increasing or decreasing the distance between the ground pattern. Let us consider a couple of examples, showing how a double knit braid needles.

Simple double braidПростая двойная косичка

For this pattern the number of all dialed loop, less 2 edge and 3 symmetry of loops must be divisible by 12. The first few rows are made to form the initial pattern type, then provyazyvayutsya themselves weave. All work is carried out as follows:

  • 1-th and 5 th rows provyazyvaem loop in the following sequence: 3 facial, then 3 seamy, in the completion of a series of three loops must remain, who do, as 3 purl.
  • Starting from the second row, all ranks of the wrong side or even all provyazyvayutsya according to the drawing canvas: under purl purl, behind the front face.
  • In the third row begins to perform weaving with a slope to the left side, for this additional borehole should always remain before work. For this provyazyvaniya number of loops is as follows: 3 purl, 3 facial, after which the auxiliary needle retake three loops and again following provyazyvaem Wrong, then peresnyatye return loop in knitting, provyazyvaya their facial. End of the series ends with the three purl.
  • In the seventh row is performed interlocking with the slope on the right hand auxiliary needle remains at work. The sequence of knitting loops in this series, The next: 3 purl, 3 loop removed for additional needle, and the next three loops knit facial, again select peresnyatye loop, purl provyazyvaya them, then do 3 facial. Number completing three purl.
  • Starting from the ninth row provyazyvaniya sequence pattern is repeated from the first row.Узор двойная коса:схема

Use the following videos offer become more familiar with the, how to knit a double-spoke bi-plait:

Above presented patterns of braid are rather bulky. Below we present to your attention another example of, how to knit bulky braids spokes. In this case, the expense of another combination backstitches and facial loops, which is dominated by facial, a relief pattern is obtained:Узор объемная коса

  • The number of times the loop is taken in this case, i.e 11 a plus 4 loops for the edge and symmetry.
  • 1, 3 and 7, 9 rows are knitted according to the following rapport: 2 purl loop, 9 facial, At the end of the series provyazyvaem 2 purl loops for symmetry.
  • The two rows of odd symmetry at the beginning of the loop provyazyvayutsya series facial, then do a facial facial loop, under purl purl.
  • In the fifth row and form a weave braids provyazyvaem series follows: 2 purl,3 Loop spread to secondary needle, leaving it to the web, 3 The following facial provyazyvaem, then thrown over loops purl knit, and the remaining 3 loop pattern facial. A number again finishing two purl.
  • Eleventh series of knit as follows: 2 purl loops,3 facial, following 3 Loop spread to additional needle, three do Wrong, then loops back to the shot and their facial provyazyvaem. At the end of the row is knitted two loops facial.Узор объемная коса: схема

How to knit a wide braids spokes or triple

Wonderful decoration knitted blouse, cardigan even cap can be pattern, made in the form of wide or triple braids. An example of such a pattern is pattern "Royal braid".Узор «королевская коса».

The basis for product, created with a similar pattern, It is taken from the surface of backstitches or facial loops. The number of stitches for the pattern taken fold 30. The following actions are performed to create a picture:

  • 1p. All loops knit facial.
  • Starting from the second, all purl rows of purl loops provyazyvayutsya.
  • 3p. Provyazyvaem loop in the following sequence: 5 loop knit not remove the auxiliary needle, leaving it to the web, 5 these knit facial, Then remove the hinge provyazyvaem facial, then do 10 facial loops and shoot again 5 loops on auxiliary needle, leaving them at work, and after the following 5 They will knit facial, hinge with the supporting spokes knit facial.
  • The following two odd number 5 and 7 all the loops facial provyazyvayutsya.
  • 9 row is knitted in the following sequence: 5 loops facial pattern, 5 We are shooting on a secondary needle and leave them for the web, 5 again facial, shot loop knit facial, then again toss 5 loops on auxiliary needle, but leaving them to work, 5 these loops knit facial and 5 peresnyatyh also facial, then 5 loops with the main spokes facial.
  • 11 series also fit facial.
  • Beginning with 13 a number of knitting is repeated from the first row.Узор «королевская коса»:схема

At first glance it may seem, that knit braid is extremely difficult, but actually it is not so, we just have a little bit to adjust to the specifics of the creation of this pattern and all of its variations and patterns with them will succumb to the first time.

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