How to Knit takes the spokes

Как вязать берет спицамиSuch subject of women's wardrobe, how to take remains a popular headgear for a huge number of years. And it is not surprising, since this wonderful headpiece can match any type of person and in each case it will look equally good. This advantage of this headdress due to the fact, that its species and models have a very large number. Some mistakenly believe, that Berets - a winter article of clothing, but in fact it can be worn all year round, important to choose the right model and thread it.

Tips how to knit beret knitting needles for beginners

Knit takes the spokes, It is not difficult and beginners, since most of its models are so simple, that would knit their mere pleasure. Forms have a wide variety berets there, it can be very large takes, which when worn can be modeled in different ways, making the crease on its side, or back, either entirely fitting and small. Master takes, you can use a variety of types of knitting patterns, as well as the different ways: But in any case, all varieties of this headdress composed of the following parts:Схема берета

  • rim,
  • main,
  • Bottoms or tops.

The process of creating Beret spokes consists of the following steps:

  • The choice of the model and, if necessary, the basic pattern for her.
  • How can a more accurate calculation of all sizes often takes, thus, if desired, you can also create a pattern.
  • Select the method of knitting a beret.
  • Determination of fabric knitting density.

The size of the beret and the number of required loops are calculated for the blade, as well as, if you were going knit cap, based on measurements taken with the size of the head, with only one difference in the, that for the main part, and makes it necessary to increase the bottoms of loops, depending on the model selected. Also, when vyschityvanii loops must be considered and the main features of the selected pattern. It is important to become extinct canvas size for rim, since it is from this part will depend on the, as will "sit," takes on the head. Therefore, we must try to do this as part of the beret, so she turned to size.

There are several options on how to tie takes the spokes:

  1. Starting from the top or tops of articles,
  2. Provyazyvaya product below, by gum. In this case, there is a possibility, associate takes the seamless, using hosiery needles.
  3. Creating a multi-part.

Let us consider each of these methods, starting with the simplest.

How to knit beret from gum

Just beginning to learn knitting is best to knit beret from gum, because this method is considered the least complicated and easiest to assimilate. The sequence of creating a beret from the gum next:

  • Provyazyvaetsya gum desired length,
  • It is an addition to the main part of the loop.
  • Then, the decrease fabric loops and the formation of the crown.

We consider in detail the process of creating Beret in this manner by the following example:

Knitting needles for children takes girls

Вяжем детский берет спицами для девочкиSuch a simple beret knitted stocking st via spokes hosiery for girls with head circumference 48-50 cm. The bezel is done with rubber band 2×2. If desired,, associate this takes can be monotonous, a bright and colorful (as shown in the photo), using several different colors thread. Since this model is designed to replenish the wardrobe for early spring, then pick up the yarn for it is better not too thick and not too thin. Can, eg, take a thin fleece with 20-15% adding polyamide thickness suitable for spokes № 3,5. After all the necessary preparations, you can start to create a beret:

  • In the first step we collect 104 loops for the rim, evenly distribute them on four needles and provyazyvaem 4 see pattern gum.
  • Then he takes the start knit stocking st, do not forget to add evenly 64 loops for the main part. After adding loops on each spoke should get 42 eyelets.
  • Once the total height of leaf length to reach 6 cm, We begin to perform subtraction. For this purpose, each spoke find 28 loop and marked it with a specially designed for this marker, or segments of the thread of a different color.
  • In the next step in 27 these ranks do ubavochnuyu loop. To do this, labeled loop provyazyvaem with previous, as one front loop.
  • At the end of decrease on all the spokes in total should remain 6 petelek, provyazyvat that continue for another two centimeters.
  • The contract is a contraction of the remaining loops in the one and securing the working thread.

Another example of the beret knitting from the bottom up, you can view the following video offers associate very nice youth beret:

How to knit beret from the top

In order to tie takes the spokes from the top may be limited to only two yardsticks: head circumference and depth of product, measured from one to the other earlobe. In this way, Height takes for fitting the model to be equal to half the depth of the beret, for a same volumetric headgear is also added to volume and the distance.
Provyazyvaniya beret from the top of the circle starts with the creation of the bottoms, then made additions to the main part after subtraction provyazyvaniya required length to the rim. At least provyazyvaetsya web to the rim, usually, created with the help of "gum" pattern.
Tell you more, how to knit from the top takes the following example:

Knitting female takes the spokes

Вяжем женский берет спицамиThis model is easier headdress, suitable for the warm season, therefore it is better to take a thin yarn, such e.g., both mercerized cotton. Needles should also take different thickness, for each individual part Beret. For the elastic – thinner No. 3, 5, but for the main part half a size thicker. The rim of the beret promazyvaetsya pattern elastic 1×1, a main viscous Beret pattern is an openwork.

Creation of the product is as follows:

  • Knitting starts from the wrong side.
  • on the spokes, prepared for openwork pattern, recruit 11 loops, after which the first rows provyazyvaem follows:
  • 1p. all purl,
  • 2p. The first loop a number of face provyazyvaem, then to the end of the series in the following sequence: 1 additional loop, stretched between the two loops of the previous row, 1 front loop. After such addition in this series should have been 20 loops.
  • 3p. The first two series of loops purl, and the other in sequence: pulling the loop between the two series of loops, toss it on the left needle and purl provyazyvaem, The following two loops again purl.
  • Starting with the 4th series, We proceed to provyazyvaniya main openwork pattern according to Scheme:Женский берет спицами:схема
  • knit 69 series pattern, change needles into thinner and provyazyvaem 7 series pattern elastic and close the loop.
  • Shutting down a crosslinking beret.

Another example of how you can quickly link from the top takes a look at the following video:

Beret, associated with needles of several parts or partial knitting

berets, collected from several parts often are of the motives, having the shape of a triangle, or rectangles. All parts can be made the same size or different, gathering as a mosaic. The assembled all parts must form a circle, which the, usually, will be bottomed beret. Further, It takes jibe with the same technology, and that from the top, with regular additions at the beginning of the main part and decrease closer to its end and to the top of the rim.

Tie takes the spokes, you can use technology and partial knitting, provyazyvaya each individually klinushek. Details will tell how to do it the next video:

Model takes a simple and more complex patterns and a huge number of drawings, but they all have in common is, that they are knitted according to one and the same principles, so make quite realistic and not too difficult for her wardrobe a little thing.

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