How to insert a tampon

Many women are often limited due to the so-called “monthly”. Sometimes these days fall exactly at the wrong time, but in this case, scientists invented tampons. This article analyze, how to insert a tampon, what is it and other frequently asked questions.

How to insert a tampon

How to insert a tampon

Women, they had never used such objects, don't even suspect, that must feel with proper maintenance. If you inserted the tampon correctly, then there should be no discomfort and pain, the more you should not feel any foreign object inside.

Absolutely all manufacturers write the instructions for use on every box, so you can read it. But we will discuss this issue in more detail and attach the training video.

How to insert a tampon

  1. The first thing you need to disinfect, To do this, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  2. Then remove the swab from the packaging manufacturer. by the way, no need to remove an individual protection.
  3. That the operation was painless, It should be possible to relax.
  4. To do this, choose a comfortable position, most often women choose a sitting position, but sometimes standing. Note, so you can easily fall short of the vagina.
  5. Open your legs and bend them slightly.
  6. Next, pick the protective packaging swab.
  7. Slide the applicator and grasp the middle of its base. Place it in the direction of, ie. in the direction of the vagina.
  8. Use your free hand to, to spread the labia.
  9. Now type applicator swab inside, the process should not be painful.
  10. A slight movement of push it to the end.
  11. If the swab is placed correctly, then you will be comfortable and convenient. In case of discomfort, try to promote a tampon a little deeper. If that does not work, you will have to use a new swab.
  12. Once everything is done, remove the applicator.
  13. On average, they wear a tampon for 4-6 hours, it all depends on the quality and the manufacturer. All details can be found on the packaging.
  14. Wash your hands, preferably with soap.
  15. At night, it is desirable to use an ordinary gasket, to give the body a rest.

Below is a brief photo-instructions, which will help you with the issue, how to insert a tampon correctly.



If you are going to insert a tampon without applicator, you need to do the same actions.

It happens, that hymen because of their size, prevent entry of the swab. In this case you will only gynecologist. The use of a tampon may cause toxic shock. It is a rare disease, which is not to forget. Symptoms:

  1. Temperature above 38 degrees
  2. Diarrhea or vomiting
  3. Inflammation of the eye
  4. Severe pain in the muscles
  5. Dizziness
  6. Weakness
  7. Rash

If you have found similar symptoms, then immediately remove the swab from the vagina and contact the person.

If you do not understand, how to insert a tampon, be sure to check the detailed video instruction.

Tips for using tampons

  1. The tampon should be inserted as deep as possible (but not leading to pain). Remember, If you are uncomfortable or discomfort appeared, then use the new.
  2. Store in a clean and dry. It is also necessary to observe the rules, are listed on the manufacturer's box.
  3. Be careful not to use tampons too often.
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