How to insert a picture in the "Classmates"?

 appeared in 2006 , the social network "Odnoklassniki" was originally conceived as an absolutely free internet resource for finding friends, relatives, and to communicate with them. Besides, user "Odnoklassniki" He could just as able to download personal data and photo in their profile pictures to send free messages or post them on your forum, either on the forums friends. How to insert a picture? This was read on.

Free emoticons

but, with time, together with the development of this social network, Site owners are increasingly offering paid services. And now, Free users are encouraged to use only 50 Standard emoticons. But there is a fee set, including 175 emoticons, which can be used immediately, after payment. This service will cost you 20 shackles.
Emoticons is a good thing, but what about the pictures, you ask.

insert a picture, free of charge or?

With the pictures the following situation. After the adoption of the Law "On copyright" of any Internet user has the right to copy other people's pictures even for personal use. This is because, what have any pictures have the right holder. therefore, according to the law, others exhibiting illustrations - offense and for him you may be fined. The amount of penalty is 200 -2000 rubles, depending on the moral and material damage, illustration applied to the author.
And because, the website is not interesting to conduct litigation with rights holders – set images on the forums was problematic.
Seeing the picture, on which any forum, Now you can not copy it to your forum, or to give it – pasting to the forum friend. And all because, that this picture, most likely taken from a commercial set of emoticons. And if you have this set is not acquired, respectively, and to insert a picture you do not succeed.

Pay emoticons

comes, what Online you can still insert a picture, acquiring a set of emoticons surcharge. So let us consider, how to do it!
First of all, you must purchase a premium emoticons, as it has been said, they are 20Ok.
Using the services of a paid emoticons, you will be able to add to the site's own emoticons, or use the, that part of the surcharge set.
In order to purchase additional emoticons you need to go to what - a conversation with a friend and try to add an additional emoticon in a message. The system will prompt you to purchase additional emoticons for 20 OK on 10 days. Validity of emoticons can now be selected and independently, understandably, that, depending on the term of service will vary and prices for it.
If your account at "Odnoklassniki" has the necessary funds Wintergrasp, the service can be easily connected, use it will be immediately after the payment. If the required amount in the account is not, it would first have to refill it, it can be done via SMS, credit card or electronic payment system.
so, it paid a way to insert an image. meanwhile, especially advanced computer users have learned to do it for free.

How to insert a picture free?

certainly, the picture is not so beautiful, when used as a toll emoticons. but all, she will be interesting, unusual and original. so, what do you need to do?
Open the any search engine and type in "pictures emoticons" or "keyboard patterns" Thus, you will find a lot of options, how to draw pretty pictures with emoticons, either use the regular keyboard symbols. Copy the ready-made options or create your own, using different symbols, and combining them in different variants. insert the, that you came to the site - your friends will appreciate your creativity.
Find ready-made image and insert a picture, you can join the group "Pictures and keyboard emoticons" on the "Classmates" website Here you will be able to replenish your stock of original drawings.

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