How to restore the message to your contacts?

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Try to restore the message to your contacts

Social network “Vkontakte” is the most popular online resource for communication in Russia. It brings together members of different ages, gender and religion. Someone is in the contact communication, which is lacking in real life. For other “Vkontakte” became an excellent platform for business promotion.

We check the number of “likes” under the photo and video materials. Find like-minded enthusiasm and even decide the working moments in a private conversation in the evening.

But a large number of messages from different users clogs our tape, we periodically clean. It happens sometimes among unnecessary correspondence files to delete important messages. How to restore the message to your contacts, how to return the correspondence branch with the right person? Let's look for answers to these questions together.

recovery Methods

Communicating in Touch, must be understood, that when you delete data, the unit can not be undone.

  1. For, to restore the thread of dialogue with the person, you need to go to the menu “My messages”.
  2. Select communication branch with the right person, and hover the cursor on the screen.
  3. If you recently removed a dialogue, you will see the button “Restore”. Or if you accidentally marked as spam discussion thread, displayed the same button. Click on it and all the messages appear again in front of you.

When removing the correspondence was made to close the page in VKontakte, recovery of such a message could vyznat few problems.

  1. First of all, try looking for a man, which we engaged in a dialogue. Maybe he did not remove his branch and it has retained all of the tabs with your messages. The interlocutor can send you all the messages back.
  2. Secondly. Write to technical support site. Describe the nature of the problem, clearly explaining the reasons for deleting messages. No extra stories, additions and appeals. Brief and to the point.
  3. Contact Support, check mail, which registered an account. It is sure to come notification restore erased correspondence.

Do not rush to turn to the help of many to restore the lost correspondence programs. One side, They may contain malicious files to the computer, on the other hand, can be a tool in the hands of fraudsters. Such “program-findings” very often and the data will not restore, and money you will have time to pump.

Therefore, to remove messages or correspondence completely should be treated with caution, so you do not waste your nerves and money to address the issue: how to restore the message to your contacts.

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