How to recover your password Skype

Пользователь забыл пароль

The forgotten password from the account – always stressful

Modern users use a huge number of online services and applications. Naturally, can not be excluded, that man one day will not be able to remember your password on one or another program. In this article, we will tell, how to regain access to your account in Skype.

How to restore access to Skype, if you forgot your password

Восстановление пароля в Skype

If you can not remember your password, click on the highlighted link and follow the instructions

If you lost or forgotten password from your account, but remember e-mail, whereby recorded, then restore access and set a new password very easily and quickly. How it's done:

  • Visit the password recovery page
  • Enter your email address, specified in the registration
  • press to send
  • check post. If you received a letter from Skype with reference, then go to (it is necessary to have time to do during the 6 hours, otherwise the link is inactivated and will have to repeat the procedure)
  • After clicking on the link, enter your new password

Everything. This is the password recovery algorithm, if the user remembers e-mail, used to register.

So what to do, if you do not remember the e-mail, which registered an account?

If in this case you can enter the program (program to remember your password and automatically log in as), in section Personal data You can find your email address, which can be used to get a new password. To do this, go to the menu Skype > Personal data > Edit My Account. expand tab View full profile.

If a not perform e-mail and it is impossible to enter the program, you can regain access to your account using a confirmed mobile phone.

But if this option is not possible to carry out, remains write in support of Skype with a request to restore your account. If you can confirm, that you own an account, the support, probably, restore access. If not - there is only register a new account.

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