How to get in touch?

Regulars social network “In contact with” it is difficult to enter into your profile after reinstalling the browser. If you remember your login and password, and you can type in the address bar, problems with the, how to get to the page, you will not have.

harder newcomer. For, to get to the registration page, he must in any search engine to drive “In contact with, check in”. Follow the link, which will appear in the search result. The link should contain letters vk. Or drive into the address bar, and then click on the button “Instant registration”.


Page to enter the contact

In the fields in the registration from the beginner will need to fill in your details: name, surname, relatives, city, country of residence, etc. You can skip all fields, which allows for adjustments. Drive to the proposed line of the current cell phone number and click on the registration button.

After a couple of minutes will receive an SMS with an activation code Profile. To protect your data and materials, which is located on your page, Pick up the password correctly. There should be a few characters and numbers. It is better to use a unique password “In contact with”.

Having dealt with the question: how to get in touch, check in “my settings” browsing history. If recorded Activity Profile in your absence, then the magazine has been hacked. Change your password immediately!

If you took a quick registration process, you can tie the profile to contact your current mailing address, it will be more safe in the contact page.

In order not to suffer, solving, how to get in touch after breaking the page, sent a letter to the administration site, Proceed on the proposed algorithm.

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