How to cook delicious dishes from beef

Beef can be cooked a great variety of dishes. It all depends on, from some parts of the carcass chosen piece of meat. The most tender cooked at the highest temperature, but not for long time. Less valuable meat is subjected to quenching, and for the cooking temperature will be lower.

How to cook beef in the oven?

Baked in the oven beef - one of the most delicious dishes of this product. A large piece of beef (to 1,5 kg) clean, obsushivayut, rubbed with salt and seasonings. It recommended before, how to prepare beef, treat it with marinade. Because of this meat will be more succulent and tasty. baking time at 200 degrees - 2 o'clock, at 180 degrees - not less than one and a half hours.

How to cook a soft beef?

During cooking, the meat loses a significant portion of the moisture, so it can get hard and dry. Soft beef will, if before placing it in the oven wrapped in foil. At a temperature 250 degrees wrapped in foil beef after a while begins to "skvorchat". It means, it is possible to lower the temperature 200 degrees, meat and leave to bake 2 o'clock. After expiration has said time is needed to remove the foil, soak the meat juice precipitated and additional 15 minutes put in the oven, to beef bought delicious crisp.

Meat in a pot

To cook beef, in this way, needed at the bottom of each pot put the butter. Next comes the sliced ​​potatoes, top - scrolled through a meat grinder meat and vegetables in different layers. Added on top of crumbs for breading and again a slice of butter. In a preheated oven until 180-200 degrees dish will be ready for a half hour.

Beef Sausages

The meat is cut across the fibers and bounces on either side. It is put on a prepared minced with spices, after which the meat is rolled into a tube, fixed toothpicks and fried in a conventional frying pan. Next, sausages are laid out in a pan, top covered with roasted vegetables and watered beer. extinguishing time to simmer- 2 o'clock.

Beef, cooked in a double boiler

The meat is cut into small pieces, which can repel the hammer. The meat does not lose its softness, it is necessary to process the marinade - lemon juice, mixed with the mustard and spices. The capacity of the steamer is dialed water, meat about preparing it 45 minutes.

Beef in oranges

Peel a fresh orange must be cut into strips and within 3 minutes to roast in a pan. Washed meat is cut, collapses in starch. Fried on each side and placed in a pan, where there is an orange peel. There also add different spices to taste, onion and garlic, fried pepper. Pan covered with the cap, Products and stew on low heat for a minute.
Whole orange juice is mixed with soy sauce and seasonings, add salt to taste - the result is a sauce for cooked dishes.

stuffed beef

Quick and easy to cook beef in such an unusual way. Sliced ​​meat need to repel the hammer, salt and pepper, pour the white wine, wrapped in foil and cook in the oven at 180 degrees around 30 minutes. Next, the meat gets, middle part is cut, finely chopped, mixed with sliced ​​olives, mushrooms and placed back. Beef again put in the oven to complete cooking.

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