How to behave with a guy

Как вести себя с парнемIn any relationship to, they evolved to best, always necessary to choose the right tactics and behavior, especially, if the communication takes place between a man and a woman. many girls, because of their inexperience, or ignorance of some basic things simply do not know how to behave with a guy, so that the look in his eyes attractive.

How to behave with a guy on a first date

On the first date you always want to show their best side, but sometimes confusion and misunderstanding of how to behave with a guy is impeding communication, and can also lead to, that this date will still last. There are several of the following simple and often win-win rules of conduct, that will make communication more enjoyable:

  • Как вести себя с парнем на первом свиданииIt is very important to be natural, that is at ease and did not look like, like playing a role.
  • It is not necessary to sit constantly with a scowl, a smile on your lips and your friendly view, the young man will be seeing a lot more pleasant, And besides, it's great location allows it to you and adjust your communication in a pleasant way.
  • Great help in, to make a good impression on the guy, and even leave a trace in the soul is a sign language. Sometimes a person's behavior, the movement of his hands and body, can say much more, a thousand times even unnecessary words. Try to move gracefully, confident and coquetry, so to show their femininity and at the same time a certain independence. Do not be afraid to flirt and include all of its charm. All your movements should inspire guy, that he was incredibly lucky, that you are now next to him. But in any case, do not overplay, and do not overdo it, your actions do not seem pompous and even more vulgar.
  • Talk to the guy besproigryshnoi all on topics close to him. Try more than ask questions related to Man. it, First of all, It will help you better understand the interlocutor and his interests, and secondly greater to win over a guy and talk, as the majority of young people do not always averse to talk on topics very close to them, with a person, which is experiencing a genuine interest in what he heard.
  • It is not necessary to speak too abstruse topics, unless of course the guy they are not close, and show himself as a genius-geek. Everything should be in moderation. Your task is to make an impression on the young man about you as a girl is not stupid, but not too abstruse.
  • In no case do not try to take a clear lead in the conversation, and during the evening the. Man himself must manifest itself, and you look in his eyes weak defenseless girl, need the support of a strong man's shoulder.
  • Give the guy feel like a man, Admiring, eg, one of you liked in him qualities and allowing look after themselves.
  • Try to create an impression of himself inaccessible and a bit mysterious, but open to dialogue girl. Do not try to right on the first date to open all the cards and tell about themselves their whole biography.
  • Do not start the first talk about the further continuation of relations, This whole initiative should be based only on a young man. Be a little more cunning, because any guy prefer to be a conqueror, and the light extraction can quickly extinguish his interest in what is happening.

In the following video are invited to listen to advice, however in no case should not behave yourself with a guy on a first date:

How to behave in a relationship with a guy

In order for your relationship with your boyfriend we evolved that way, as you want to have a future, and also need to know how to behave properly with the. Here are some tips, which may make your relationship and attitude of Man to you:

  • Как вести себя с парнем в отношенияхDo not take on the role of leader in the relationship, trying to constantly show your I. Much nicer to see next to a strong man, which has its own principles and views, miserable than his likeness, like a lapdog, which should be ordered and it fulfill your every desire.
  • Do not try to look all the time in the mouth to the guy, faithfully catching his every word and unquestioningly performing either his request, including those, who does not like you and disagree with your personal desires. Man should know, and that you have a personal opinion and character, which must also be respected.
  • Pamper though sometimes her boyfriend. It never hurts to say nice compliment, praise for anything, or to make a romantic dinner for your loved one. After all, the relationship should always be based on mutual attention to each other.
  • You should not constantly pester the guy his bad mood, endless complaints about life and others, and dissatisfaction with life. If there are still some problems, you can simply ask for his help and try to solve them together, that only you get closer.
  • Increasingly interested in the, what is happening in your young person's life, trying to do is not intrusive, as well as to make it clear, that you absolutely do not care, what breathes and what it does. Any man will always be pleasant, interest and care about him.
  • Never allow your young man to behave correctly and rude to your person. He should always feel, that you too love yourself, to tolerate everything his antics, as well as the, that at any moment you lose.

On how a person behaves in a particular situation depends sometimes the rest of his life, and even more, when it comes to relations between men and women. Therefore it is very important to understand, how to regulate their conduct with the young man, not only in the beginning of the budding relationship, but also in their subsequent development.

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