As in "Vkontakte" cover page - turn-based recommendation

A reflection of the mood of the user, recent events, photos and other information in its status makes virtual life - public. Therefore, many users are trying to find a method, problem solver, as in "Vkontakte" cover page.

step by step action

The developers of the site has given to all network users the ability to hide your posts, Photo, various records, friends lists, and even the entire page. To do this, you need to configure your account, turning off some of the features.Как скрыть страницу в "Вконтакте"
That is, you need to find in the column on the left "My Settings". opening it, You need to select the tab "Privacy". To hide the page tabs for each item selected answers, "Only me" and "No".

To hide not the entire page or from specific people - it is recommended to read carefully the proposed options, selecting the most suitable parameters. To see the changes need to click on the link, displayed at the bottom of the page. Anyway, all the changes you want to save.
With regard to the inclusion of additional privacy settings, then they should be treated with caution. Often happens, because of the connection settings, old friends can not write a message to. In this way, problem, Related topics, as in "Vkontakte" cover page, solved.

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