As in "Vkontakte" to promote a group - recommendations from users

Group "In contact withAs in "Vkontakte" to promote a group, known to many users of the network. There are two aspects of this issue:

  1. competent content groups - to work with the content and its visual accompaniment,
  2. the use of network functionality, including technical advancement.

With regard to the content of the group and its visual design, it is necessary to do the job well, that the community was useful and interesting target audience. Before the creation of the group are encouraged to submit, who will come into it. In this group the content must fully meet the needs of users and be useful to them. It is necessary to take into account the, that users must be a reason, for which they should seek to set up a group for help.

The original content - it is a prerequisite, which will allow any group to unwind "Vkontakte". Posted exclusive information users will be able to regularly share with their friends and competition in network
Do not forget about the avatar group, since it is its character. It must be specific, but it should be based on the creative component. Similarly, should deal with the photo album group. Before, as in "OpenID" untwist group, you need to carefully choose the photos.
It should take care of the feedback. In this case, users can at any time directly contact the team leader. Main constantly update information.

Promotion group technically

Technical promotion point group associated with the work keyword. These users are looking for on this group. top ratings, as known, drawn one such keywords. Therefore, you should promonitorit similar group of competitors, ascertaining their keywords.
It is recommended to simulate user activity. Usually, this procedure is appropriate advertising or marketing agencies. If you engage in such work on their own, then it is recommended to conduct active comments, creating sharp and conflict discussion. To use such a technique should be carefully, so as not to scare regular readers.
Advertisement in "Vkontakte" group, you can use the user's friends. To this end, various competitions are held, a condition for participation in which is an invitation to a group of a certain number of friends. The main thing to remember, that at the base of each action are human needs.

Promotion Group for the money

The above steps can perform and professional company. For this purpose, SEO-forums. Diagram creation group "In contact withIt should be remembered, the audience, acquired technical method, often refers to the target audience group. Very soon, these users will be released from the group. Anyway, it is recommended to pay a lot of attention is not the number of, quality and promotion group.
In question, as in "OpenID" untwist group, You can use the official service of the network. In this case, the price of the transition member in the new group will increase. In the same time, its head:

  1. It is under the greater protection against fraud,
  2. receive quality advertising services.

Do not forget to give a link to the group and its updates on the wall in "Vkontakte" and other resources, where there are accounts.

The benefits of proper promotion group

Before you choose a method, as in "OpenID" untwist group, should be considered, that the future depends on its success. In this case, you do not have your web resource. Plus the proper promotion of the group is popular in networks of its leader. Especially if he uses the original photos.
Good money - this is one more positive aspect of this issue. there are scripts, with which you can get on a particular site, while earning money.
Free promotion group - the main plus proper promotion. If we talk about the paid version, the original need to invest 1-2 thous. $. Then the group itself will untwist itself. In any case, you need to consider, the more people will be in the group, the highest position it occupies in the ranking at the start of the search form on certain phrases. You can take advantage of special programs, which generate phishing web page. After some time, the group will be real users.

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