As in "Vkontakte" View Post Statistics - the methods used

Статистика сообщений в "Вконтакте"There was a social "Vkontakte" network still in 2006 year. Netizens, who registered it for a long time, during this period we received a lot of different messages. As in "Vkontakte" View Post Statistics, care about each user. Special, when you need to find the mass of messages received - one specific.
It should be noted, that make such a step possible in the case, if not expunge messages.

Statistics - you need to know?

Somewhat earlier, the process of viewing these statistics was a simple. Today, there is a perception among network users, that statistics often do not work:

  1. Error Message,
  2. Search in Google system, etc..

Anyway, Statistics messages still exists. However, there are some nuances of its operation:

  • You need to open a browser «Opera». This assistant will solve the problem, associated with the, as in "Vkontakte" View Post Statistics,Старица в "Вконтакте
  • entry into the system through the group "Personal Stats Posts v4.3.1»,
  • next is a button "Discussion" and open "Statistics Personal Messages Code". The commentary appears on the monitor, which will be specified script code. It is necessary to download with a text document to a personal computer,
  • You need to open a text document on your computer, selecting with the mouse script code. The code is copied to the key combination Ctrl + C,
  • Next, you need to go to the browser mentioned above, opened in "Vkontakte" column "My Messages" and remove all information from the address bar, this page,
  • to an empty string, insert the copied script code through a combination of the following keys: Ctrl+V,
  • in the address bar with the right mouse button, select the function "Paste and go",
  • in the window you need to run the application, make appropriate adjustments,
  • further processed posts. Depending on their number of different times required for the procedure. It should be noted, that fall under the processing only those messages, are not deleted,
  • upon completion of processing of the information, the user receives a large table with the necessary information: from whom they were received SMS, with whom he waged most correspondence, etc..

In this way, procedure, allows you to find, as in "Vkontakte" View Post Statistics, completed. Usually, it lasts no more than three minutes.

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