As in "Vkontakte" to see the guests - different methods

Гости в "Вконтакте"Many users are wondering network, as in "Vkontakte" view offers. You can use special applications. For example, "My guests and fans" and "Friends. All your guests!». These applications are not the only, but they are the most famous.

The application "My guests and fans," there is a separate tab "My guests". Clicking on it, the user can see their guests for the last time. The list will only include those visitors, which left some marks on the back of this user - huskies, comments, recording, etc..Отображение гостей на странице пользователя "Вконтакте"In this way, and guests, who went to the page to view poseschaemogo- in this list do not fall.

To view all the guests is recommended to be installed on the wall of the reference traps. Similarly, visitors computed in Annex "Friends. All your guests!». In this section, the user is also proposed to establish a link-trap, by means of which virtually can read the user's personal blog.

Specialized programs

There are special programs, allowing to solve the problem, associated with the, as in "Vkontakte" see guest. However, it is not necessary to use such assistants for the following reasons:

  1. divorce on money,
  2. the possibility of catching the virus,
  3. the possibility of obtaining secret information to gain entry to your personal page in the network.
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