As in "Vkontakte" to add a lot of friends - five methods

There are five main methods, as in "Vkontakte" to add a lot of friends:

  • the use of specialized groups to add friends. You can share photos and not only. By becoming a user of this group, you can write the desired topic or Community wall, adding a few people, recently visited network. If you use multiple such groups, then the user can add a lot of friends,Друзья в "Вконтакте"
  • in the presence of friends more 500, You can use the special service "Possible friends". This will require to go to your friends list, selecting, on the right the corresponding category. From the list, the user can choose the most suitable candidate or all of the list,
  • PR-use applications such as, "Let's be friends". These features are designed to search for people in the group and add them to friends,
  • to go to interesting pages and groups of friends, adding there favorite candidates. In deciding whether, as in "Vkontakte" to add a lot of friends, This method is effective in finding like-minded people to communicate,
  • at frequent games in "Vkontakte" application you need to go in a group, which are created for the discussion of the most well-known applications. Links to such groups are on the screen of the game or application. Each group has its own theme, on how to add as friend. In this way, the user not only adds to your friends, but also gets the special advantages in the game or application.

Select the recommended method, which is most relevant in each case. It provides a combination of these methods.

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