How to change the voice on Skype

В Скайпе можно изменить голос до неузнаваемости

In Skype, you can change the voice beyond recognition

Sometimes there are situations, when when communicating via Skype to stay incognito. Perhaps the lottery or for any other purpose. In such situations, the easiest and most effective way is to change the voice.

Change the voice on Skype can be a variety of ways, as the use of special programs, and using some tricks. Consider these methods more.

How to change the voice on Skype with the help of improvised means

  • take in a match teeth
  • pinch the nose
  • put under the tongue big wad of chewing gum
  • wrap a microphone with a handkerchief
  • put to the neck of the microphone cans or glass bottles

There are many ways to change your voice “analog” way, however, more convenient and reliable method is the use of special programs for the modern computer user.

How to change the voice using a computer

Today developed many applications, which are able to change beyond recognition the user's voice in real time. They can be used not only to communicate on Skype, but also to edit the songs and other audio tracks. Consider the most popular ones:

MorphVOX Junior

Программа MorphVOX Junior

The program MorphVOX Junior

One of the first programs of this type. Initially, it was created to change the votes of players in online games. However, with equal success MorphVOX Junior can also be used for voice communication for Skype.

The program can transform your voice from male to female and vice-versa. You can even turn your voice into a dog barking. The program has a set of built-votes, which can be used. You can also create your own.

You can change not only the voice, but also the surrounding background. You can talk of a quiet room, and the other party will appear, that you are in a noisy crowded place.

MorphVOX Junior - freeware. Its more advanced version MorphVOX Pro It has a more advanced list of features, but she paid. Check the program costs about $40.

Voice Changer Software Diamond

Voice Changer Software Diamond

Voice Changer Software Diamond

The program has more options to change voices, than MorphVOX. Possible within wide limits to change the timbre, the tone and pitch. There is also the possibility to "talk", votes frog, mouse or horse.

Program shareware. first 14 days is free, and to continue to use Voice Changer Software Diamond, it is necessary to register. Registration costs $58


Внешний вид программы Screamby

The program's appearance Screamby

Free program, available for free download. Includes 26 Voice options and more 40 background sounds. Like her "colleagues", This program allows you to communicate in real time, not only in Skype, but also in other online programs.

The program is easy and convenient settings and nice interface. To quickly select the voice you can configure keyboard shortcuts. In addition to standard voices and background can create their.

To learn more about the program, we recommend to watch a training video:

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