How to insert an image

Increasingly, ordinary Internet users are faced with e-mail. Typically, it can help solve business issues, but some use it for personal communication. With the progress of our needs grow, but also there are also new tools for meeting them. for example, occur such moments, when the person you want to send in a letter to the table, chart, presentation or photo, but how to do that?

Each e-mail service has the function of sending files, but there are moments, when the media element must be inserted into the body of the text itself. This article will consider, in a letter to insert a picture, as well as analyze the basic software, which can help in solving this problem,.

The first step is to choose the way, with which you will be adding photos to text. Then decide on the program, Finally attach itself photo.

Mozilla Thunderbird

How to insert an image

How to insert an image

One of the most popular and simple utilities, which has the function of adding photos to the letter. It is very easy to use, but before that you need to perform small adjustments. Connect to this program, your primary email account, Only after that the program will take the operating status. Next, create a new message and type the desired text. To test the fit and blank message.

To insert the picture itself, you must go to the tab settings. Next, select “Format” and click “Rich text” – the only way to add the image. Next, find the area of ​​a graphical menu, it is located next to the column “Subject”. Click on the link “Image”. It remains only to specify the path to the file and add it.

How to insert an image using The Bat

This program is no less popular, so appreciate it at its true worth. Usually it is used to link the account or, but it is not the whole range of email clients, supported utility.

Install the program on your computer and make the necessary adjustments, relating to the mailbox binding. Next, create a new message. Pay attention to the lower region, there is a button that says “text Only”, click on it. Now select from the drop down menu tab that says “HTML”. In the graphics menu you need to find the icon for “Picture”. Enter the path to the file and upload it to your reply.

How to insert an image using Microsoft Outlook

Inserting an image

Inserting an image

The utility allows you to link your account Yandex and other popular systems. Follow the standard settings and click on the tab labeled “Create new message”. Here select “Format” and enable “HTML” in the form of a letter.

Click the small icon with a picture, it can be found in the graphics menu. Under it is the inscription “picture”, so it will be difficult to mix section. You needed to find the right image and paste it into the text.

The new version, beginning with 2007 of the year, image insertion process slightly changed. do the following: find top menu and click “Insert”, then go to “picture” and select “Picture”. Now load the desired image.

How to insert an image using Gmail

Today, Gmail is the only system, allows without any additional software to add an image in the message body.

To insert an image, log on to your account (To do this, enter your login and password) and select settings. It is located in the upper right corner. Then click on the tab “Experimental features” and select “Insert pictures”. Then turn on this feature. Save all the changes and return to the main page.

Create a new email and select “Advanced formatting”, from the opened menu, click “Insert image”. Next, download the file to the server.

Now you know, in a letter to insert a picture.

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