As in the "Classmates" add a photo?

Luckily, or unfortunately, but social networks are becoming quite large part of our lives. but the, who have just enrolled in the "Classmates" is often difficult to quickly adapt to this new, user space. There is a lot of problems, which cause a large number of questions. One such problem, perhaps, the very first, which occurs after the registration - how to add a photo to the site? Let's see, How to solve this problem?

Algorithm adding photos to schoolmates

  • Go to website. After entering your personal settings on the monitor opens your profile page.
  • The "menu" bar looking for the tab "Photos". It will be just below your name, name and place of residence. click to.
  • The screen page will appear, where you will be asked to upload a photo. Photos can be added to the tab "Personal Photos». And you can create an album, name it and add a photo to it.
  • Usually, During registration, first of all, add personal photos. To do this, click on the area with the image of the camera and the words "Add Photo".
  • In the window, appears on the screen, You will need to choose the path on your computer, where the desired photo, click on it twice, and begin the process of uploading photos to a website. After that, as the photo is loaded, it can make a major. It means, that it can be seen, not even come to your page.
  • Another way to upload personal photos. Find in the upper left corner of the area, which must be located the main photo, and lower space for avatars will be a green button with a white inscription "Add photos" to us there. Farther, everything, as well as in the first case - choose a photo on your PC and add it to the site.
  • photo download time will depend on the size of, the number of uploaded photos and the speed of your Internet. Anyway, will have to wait, after that, as the photo will be uploaded, notify you of this system.

Create albums in the "Classmates"

To create an album in the "Classmates" on its own page on the site looking at the tab "Picture" menu. You will see a page with personal photos, and the photo will be just below the personal photos.

  • Select the function "create album", will form, which will need to write an album name. Here you can set the album settings, in which you can specify the right to access your album. It means, your albums can view, as any visitor to your pages, and only selected users, eg, friends. After that, As this function is set, click "Save"
  • After that, the album is created, you can add a photo, you can do so by going to the album, and select the "add a photo", thereafter, You can download any photo from your computer to your profile.

main photo (avatar) to schoolmates can be changed to any photo, located in private your profile photo. If personal photos are not found that picture, which is worthy of being the avatar of your, then you first have to add a decent photo from your computer into a personal photo.
Next, just move the cursor to this photo, and the context menu will offer to do you this photo main. That's all, Now you have a new Avatar!
Besides, that the photo can make a major, there are a number of functions. Photos can be deleted, change its description and note on it your friends. These functions are actively using the users of "Schoolmates".

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