As in the "Classmates" add friends?

Becoming a user of "Schoolmates" you certainly will desire to quickly find your friends: friends, relatives, classmates and classmates. thanks to the site, in spite of the years of your sections and distances, you will get back the ability to communicate with them in a network.
First you need to find the people you're interested in. But if you have just registered, the pertinent question is - how to do it?

And to add friends is not difficult! Let's see

  • Go to the "classmates" with your username and password, you come up with when registering on the website.
  • Set at on the main photo page, to your old friends had a chance to get to know you.
  • Further, pay attention to the search function in the upper right corner of your page. Here you need to enter a last name, name, a person's age, is looking for. If you know, the town in which the person lives, enter in the search box the name of this settlement. So it will be easier to find a specific user. After that, as the data is entered, click the search icon "Magnifier"
  • The system will give you a list of users, which are registered on the site according to the, that match your search query. Yes, it can be quite a big list and you have to look for the right person - but because the game is worth the candle! Here's what happened – you found a friend! let's, also - add it to the "friends". Ah to, you do not know how to do it? It is very simple! At the user's data with its first and last name, educational institution, where he is studying or studied will be a button to "make friends". click it. Now you can add friends!
  • Such a moment - when you send an invitation to friendship pop-up window, where you specify, whom you have this man - you need to choose the right position, putting the checkbox next to it and click "Save" They ate the same, any one item does not match the reality of your relationship with this person, you can simply save, without selecting any one of the items.
  • After that, an invitation sent to friends, It has to wait, when your friend comes to a network, detects the invitation and will take it.

How view, nothing complicated to find no friends, and only add friends - the more. Even easier - to accept an invitation from another user friendship. To do this, agreed to the proposal friends, which is located on your page in the "Alerts" tab

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