How to contact delete all messages at once?

both failed all postsThe social network “In contact” has more than 73 millions of users. Every day, groups of participants, friends and associates are active correspondence. Sometimes the message becomes too much, and the question arises, in contact to delete all messages at once.

To make matters worse coming from advertising accounts for spam. You can try to manually delete messages, exposing the body messages tick button to remove. But get rid of all the messages the user can immediately special plug-ins and scripts.

but, for a beginner there are a few easy ways to quickly remove unwanted messages.

Delete all messages at once

How to contact delete all messages at once? As well as on other sites, exposing a tick in the message field. But if the number of messages exceeded one thousand, put a tick next to each letter is a thankless task. To delete the message groups or branches of conversations with the user, we must act as follows::

  • You can delete messages in the dialog box, small groups. To do this, go to “My messages”. Click the “Show messages”, if a correspondence is shown as a dialogue. Select the root directory of the “Received” or “Sent” messages. Go to the task group, select “Select”, note “All”. Now click on the “Delete”button.

Posts in one branch can be many, We have to do all of the above a few times.

  • Remove conversation with a specific user easier. You need to open a dialog box. Click “Show message history”. The window will show the complete tape conversations with this user. Hovering the mouse on the “message History”, will pop up on line “show all”. Click on it. In the options window will appear “Remove all”. Expose it tick. Click “OK”.

All correspondence with the selected user is deleted in minutes. It is worth noting, in this case, as incoming deleted, and outgoing messages. These steps can be done with the messages from other users and to solve the question, in contact to delete all messages at once.

remove spam

Spam must be deleted manually. The message window move the cursor to the printed, a line will appear on the “Mark as spam”, “Mark as spam and delete”. selects a second. In a subsequent message from that IP address you will not receive.
These simple techniques will help users to understand, in contact to delete all messages at once.

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