How to contact hide all friends?


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users frequently asked question: how to hide contact all friends? Unfortunately, today, all the friends in your list can not be hidden. Administration resource strict limits on the number of hidden contacts were introduced.

Today, from the contact list, you can hide 30 person. But some users complain about this resource, that more 15 friends can not hide. Anyway, if you do not know, how to hide friends in touch, use this hint:

  1. On the main profile page in the list of functions, press the left “My settings”.
  2. In the menu, choose the “privacy”.
  3. Here you can press the button “Who can see the list of my friends and subscriptions”. => The plate appeared to be two columns. In the right hand column move the contacts of those, who can see other users. In the left column are the confidential list of their subscribers.
  4. Built so two columns, opposite the names, who intend to hide expose a tick in the program window.
  5. While you will expand the list of hidden contacts, right column will grow. When the amount of the limit is reached, add a new contact, you can not.

Making these manipulations you can partially solve the problem: how to hide contact all friends. Other users will no longer be able to see information about the people, that you hide.

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