How to find friends in facebook

The Internet allows all users to chat with their friends and colleagues from home. Nice to receive a message from a loved one, and another part is, there is no need to go anywhere for that. Most people use social networks, as a means of communication. Besides, here you can find old friends, colleagues, teachers, as well as to meet people from different points of the world. This article will consider, how to find friends in facebook.

If you have an account on this site, then you will only have to read the instructions. And for those, who are just starting out in the internet, written the following article – how to register in Facebook.

To answer the question, how to find friends in facebook, you should get the original data, ie. the first thing you need to know the name of, entity name, you want to find. You can also use email address or other settings.

How to find friends in facebook

  1. Pay attention to the top of the main page of the site. There is a window called “Find friends” click on it. Before you open a new page, where you can select tools, by which the later will look for a man.

    Поиск друзей

    Search for friends

  2. You are invited to search for a third-party social networks, ICQ, Skype and email. Enter data (icq number or e-mail address, this depends on the selected tool) in a special form. After that, the system will give you a user, which uses these data.
  3. Now all you have to do is click on the link “Add to friends”, after which the user will receive notification that the characteristic, you add it to your list of friends.
  4. If the question, how to find friends in facebook, still relevant for you, then you can use the search by social networks. Also click “Find friends” and select a suitable tool. The new window will be published social networks. select those, in which you need to make search. Then click on the “Find”button, for you will have a list of all those, Who do you have friends in the social. network, select the desired person and click “add to friends”.
  5. The easiest way to find a person in Facebook by name. The beginning is standard – click on the tab “Find friends”. Then in the opened window specify the name and surname of the desired person and click “Find”. The computer will give you all the results. Remember, that people with the same name can be very, to find his friend, check personal data. for example, enter the country, city, work, age and other parameters. After this circle is much narrowed, and you can find out a fellow photo.

Now you know, how to find friends in facebook.

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