How do I find my IP – address?

How to know your IP - address?

How to find out your IP address?

Of course, Internet users have heard about the IP address. What is it do not know everything. It is a personal number of the user in a computer network. And this is done manually or automatically, when there is a special setting for this. Often the IP address configuration agent, versed in the work of the Internet provider. The user accesses it, to gain access to the network. Location is outside, internal, local or network. The question arises, how to find out your IP address yourself?

Search your IP address

Obtain an IP is the location of your computer on the Internet. Therefore, the virtual space will recognize it, giving access to all available resources. To find your address, need to look at the site provides such information. for example, you can go to Yandex, the answer will come soon.

How to find your IP address on the network?

In addition to the computer's location there is the network address. Normally it is issued by your ISP. And very different from the computer. If you follow the link address, then there is a lot of different information, including network. Here is an opportunity to test the speed of your Internet connection, domain information, and more.

Information about the external IP address

In addition to the internal network location, there is also an external variant. Internal network address is the place, showing, where the user's computer. And often, regardless of the work providers. If we talk about the appearance of his version, then it is a huge event. because, the computer user may have only the internal address of your location, but the external ip already provides more opportunities.

local address

you can seek help from the Internet to find out information about the local address. true, there is another option, without the use of a virtual network. Here will be useful system settings. It should go to the Start menu and choose to connect to a local area network. Next tab will appear on the "Support", where the necessary information is stored. So how to find out your IP address on the local network is not difficult to understand.

Information about the server address

It happens, required on the server location information, there will need computer software. start you need to go to the menu and to highlight the button "execute". Then a window opens, where he wrote a special team. Then require the full name of the domain you are interested. Then, the user will receive a name server to respond to his request.

How do I know the site address?

Sometimes you need to get information about the address of the site and its reverse record. With such a problem faced by administrators. And the information is useful for the analysis of logins, allowing access to the server. At first, We need to reverse IP, help understand, a domain corresponds to a particular address. therefore, to learn how location at a site you want to be, first understand the domain. Then he put in a special box and press the button to check. Then the user gets the information he needs. Perhaps, no big deal, just everything should be done in order.
It turns the virtual world, It is similar to the real world. Indeed, the Internet addresses of all systems work together harmoniously, like any other. Therefore, all of the Internet interconnected huge number of links. This allows you to quickly understand the principle of operation of all systems and to be able to find any IP address.

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