How do I know my id Vkontakte?

Social network In contact with at the moment it has become the most popular in Russia, and is gaining popularity in European countries. Popularity is not the main advantage of this internet site. Its owners, almost every day, the most significant change of the interface, and adjust a variety of errors and faults.

ID Vkontakte

The ID contact

If you are registered in the social network for several years, the, probably, You notice things like a variety of spam messages, Long avatars on the pages of people and profiles, without names, etc.. At present, it is almost no longer meets.

Id Vkontakte

can say, that almost every day an increasing number of various services, to make your use of social network “Vkontakte”. For example, the owners groups have the ability to find specialized sites and give them permission to access any account and this site will be to post news in his group or do a public regular hours. Of course, news first of all you write. Mainly for the functioning of the system, requested special identification number – ID.

The identification number assigned to virtually any event: user comments, their records on the walls, PUBLIC, Create group, user account and to the rest. Everything, the above have their own identification numbers.

People, who are faced with similar sites or simply interested in, to find out, what conversations are certain people in any discussions, often ask myself this question: "How do you know your id Vkontakte?».
In the reality, This task is quite simple. Learn your id Vkontakte you as follows:

  • If you do not have any alias, then you are at the page visitors enter, looking around using the reference, in this way,****. In it instead of asterisks are the figures, it is all very easy. These figures and have your ID number, ie, ID.
  • When, When you create a name for your own page, you have to make a little more manipulation. If there are friends of your profile, then you need to log in to your account and find the blue box, in which the words "Friends" and below a stated number. Then click on this link. You will see a page with all the friends of your account, but we currently do not need. We need more here. You will need to look at the address bar, in which the address of this page. A look around this address here so:******&section=all. Where you see an asterisk, must be numbers, they will be the identification number of your page.

How to find group id Vkontakte

One more question, which very often ask users: "How to get the group id Vkontakte". In that case, when the group has not assigned it a unique name figures, which will be located in place of the stars in reference***, situated in the address box, and the ID number will. When a group has got its unique name, you need to find it in the discussion and to click on them. After that, you'll get a window, in the address window which will be located the reference of the same type****. Once in place the stars will digits, which will be the group ID.

The same ways you can find out your account Vkontakte identification number, using and other sections of the site. We hope, that questions about, how do you know your id Vkontakte and how to find group id Vkontakte, covered in this article properly, and now you'll be able to do it easily.

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