How do I know if he loves me

Как узнать любит ли он меняFor a long time of all lovers tormented, and continues to excite one question, o tom, whether their love is mutual? This is especially true hypochondriac girls, whose relationship is just beginning, although sometimes, that the doubt creeps in and the pair already married, have lived with each other for more than a year. At such moments, really want to know if your significant other loves. Find the answer to this question is quite real, we just have to be a bit more attentive to everything, what happens within relationships, and even with the very man.

How do you know if a guy likes

Often, girl falling in love, They do not notice anything around and are inclined to idealise and embellish their relationship and Man. Yet after a while even they may have some doubts about the sincerity of feelings of her lover. In order to know if a guy likes and understand for themselves how sincere it belongs, should first begin to observe the behavior of a Man, I am trying not to lose sight of any fines. note:

  • How to behave when meeting: both looking at you, Whether trying to get closer.
  • How to respond to your mood or stories about the problems.
  • How often I try to call you, when you're apart.
  • What is his behavior, when you are in the company of his friends or relatives.

After the observations, try to analyze all the, what you see, after which you can draw their own conclusions.
So, eg, standing guard in case, if a:

  • Man instead, to discuss your relationship with him constantly remembers his old affair or worse bКак узнать любит ли пареньyvshuyu beloved.
  • Constantly comparing you with other girls and criticizing, while touting their quality.
  • often rude, irritated to your requests or stories about himself.
  • Openly flirts with other.
  • Not for you zastupaetsya, seeing or hearing your side of the offensive action or words.
  • He tries to take on your own problems, but totally not interested about your life and did not want to listen to, tell him that you.
  • Constantly trying to pull you out of money.
  • It begins to invent some ridiculous excuses to your request for a meeting.
  • Regularly start talking about the intimate rapprochement and insanely angry or quickly loses interest in you, if you suddenly give up his.

All features listed above behavior conclusion is, what, probably, no sense to you, and no man is simply convenient to you to spend time and enjoy your attention.
They say a man in love can be seen a mile away, and this is indeed the case, even, if he is very secretive. The first signs, which will help you find out if a guy likes, are:

  • Young people aspire to dedicate all my free time for you, sometimes even refusing to meet with friends.
  • Almost immediately I introduced you to your friends and even relatives.
  • Constantly trying to pay attention to you, pleasant surprise, bring a smile.
  • Very truly experiencing, if he sees that you have a bad mood.
  • Constantly interested in, what's going on in your life, trying to help your problems, be considerate of you and support in any difficult situations.
  • Attentively listening to you even, when you suddenly decide to complain to him about your petty troubles or quarrels with friends and family and trying to even so give some advice.
  • He is trying to compromise and forgive your little whims.
  • With understanding and great patience for your decision not to rush into intimacy.
  • He remembers everything, what you say to him and he can recite your phone number and your date of birth.

We can confidently say that, that a guy likes you, if many of the listed items you were able to observe the behavior of a Man.

In this way, include your intuition and observation and trying to take a sober look at what is happening, you very quickly and easily be able to learn about the true relationship to you of your Man.

As a husband loves to learn

Over time, people's attitudes, are married, moving into a new phase and become more calm, than they were at the beginning of. Passion and strong emotions die down a bit, grew into warm emotions. But sometimes in the background of many women may seem, that her husband was very cold to her and stopped experiencing any feelings. To understand it and learn it loves a husband to this day as, as in the initial stage against, It is possible only by observing. Moreover, many of the items listed above, telling about the signs of love, It can safely be attributed to this event. Alarm bells fading love can be the following signs:

Как узнать любит ли муж

  • Her husband is no longer want anywhere you go along, and it is increasingly drawn to the solitary hiking
  • What is your favorite began to behave very differently, than before. I ceased to share with you my feelings and problems.
  • Your every word or even touch was incredibly annoying your spouse.
  • Husband more and more away from you, I am trying to do everything apart from you.

In order for a long time not to torture themselves with endless observations can just walk up to your significant other and just ask about tormenting your problems and find out the reasons for change in his attitude and behavior to you. But it is very important to choose the right moment and ask questions so, so as not to cause them a irritation, choosing the correct word, and a positive-sounding proposals. It is necessary to carefully monitor the response of her husband, which, because of this unexpected effect of the conversation, be sure to throw him off his head.
Not worth bothering her lover constant reproaches and doubts, but remain silent and tolerate all the same it is not necessary. Be smarter and wiser, as well as attentive to her lover, and to, what's going on between you and this will only strengthen your relationship and be more confident in them.

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