How to care for the Kombucha?

postKombucha - a whole colony of living organisms, She needs constant care, to delight us with tasty drink. There are some secrets and tricks, to Know, if you decide to have a home tea jellyfish.

  • The tea solution, which will dwell mushroom, must be strong, slightly brown, podslashtennыm (per 1 liter of boiled, Chilled water is taken 120 g sugar and a quantity of freshly prepared tea leaves).
  • Fresh tea solution mix well, sugar in this case must be completely dissolved. In no case do not allow the penetration of sugar on the body of Kombucha, He suffered burns and may even die.
  • Keep, to the solution was always fresh, change it after 6 days, and in summer more often, through 3-4 day.
  • Mushroom wash through 2 cool week, boiled water (summer, do it more often). At the same time try to gently scrape off the surface necrotic tissue, Only then placed in a fresh solution.
  • Do not hold the infusion of tea fungus under the hood, because he needs the influx of oxygen. Cover the jar on top of the folded half dry and clean gauze.
  • Do not put the jar on the window, where drafts, cold air and sunlight can slow down the development of the fungus, cause, that it will begin to develop bad for him and for ingestion of bacteria and algae.
  • The optimum temperature for the normal existence of the fungus +20aboutWITH. Remember, that he does not tolerate cold and heat.
  • Ready infusion necessarily filtered through cheesecloth.

You can make two jars for tea "kvass", one fungus to grow and ferment solution, the other strain the finished drink. It can be put on storage in the refrigerator. There he will be strong, more carbonated and acquire effing, and the vitamins and nutrients better preserved. If you have a long time to leave, Give Kombucha in good hands, explain how to care for them, never leave the mushroom for a long time in the old solution, he would die.

Applying these simple tips, You will always enjoy the healing, pleasant, and most importantly - a natural drink.

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