How to increase your height by means of nutrition and physical activity

Often, because of an inferiority complex people try to find out, how to increase your height. There are various techniques, which contribute to increase human growth.

Surgical intervention

Surgical intervention One such method is a special operation. However, not everyone can afford it, as it is expensive. Its meaning lies in the artificial lengthening of legs. In the operating room the patient scratching their shins and impose a special device. At the end of the operation the patient should be in a medical facility for about 3 months. In this way, fracture site is transformed into the growth zone, Tensile which elongates the bone. In carrying out such operations several, possibly, increase the maximum growth 30 cm.

Physical exercise

Solve the problem of, how to increase your height, You can use the exercise, aimed at stretching musculoskeletal system. The advantage of this technique is also a healthy human body. Will be higher growth and by simply strengthening the back muscles. This has a positive effect on the formation of posture.

Increase growth by using the following exercise:

  • swing on the horizontal bar on 6-8 Mach,
  • jumps from a deep squat on 10-12 time,
  • hang on the crossbar alternately, on the right and left hands - on 2-3 times on each hand,
  • jumps through a skipping rope on two legs, and one - on 100-150 time,
  • on tiptoe, raising hands up - breath, while lowering the hands - exhale - for 3-5 time.

Medical intervention

Young people, doctors recommend increasing growth due to medical intervention. In these purposes is stimulation of growth hormone or assigned medication. Stimulate the recommended vitamins, directed at the hormone, responsible for growth. When formed the bones need to conduct surgery.

Heredity and energy

There are several reasons for the low growth. This is usually due to heredity. Another important point in this issue is the food. Do not think, the more there, the faster growth will increase. If a person is malnourished, then growth stops. Otherwise, a person gets fat, which also negatively affects the length growth.

Relationship inheritance and growth lengthTo find out, whether a length indicator of growth rate, doctors used a special table. With low growth specialists pay special attention to the patient's diet. For example, Japanese, considered undersized people because of excessive consumption of rice. In recent years, due to changes in your diet the amount of tall people has increased significantly.

Nutrition, aimed at the, how to increase your height, should be varied. In this way, menu undersized people should include meat, dairy and fish dishes, eggs, bread, cereals, vegetables, fruits. In small quantities can be consumed sweets: sugar, candies, ice cream and honey. This is because the, that the excessive consumption of sweets adversely affects the secretion of growth hormone.

In the growth length it is also a direct impact of the nervous system. The less tired organism, the greater the patient's forces aimed at increasing growth. This is especially true of mental work. During exercise nerve cells are better supplied with oxygen and nutrients, slag free. Positively to providing hardening of the nervous system. The brain is improved with normal circulation, good posture. In this way, the nervous system has a direct impact on the length of human growth.

therefore, solving, how to increase your height, it is recommended to follow the nervous system:

  • observance of the normal 8-9 hours of sleep,
  • regular walks in the fresh air,
  • loud music and noise negatively affect the nervous system,
  • rejection of bad habits: smoking, use of drugs and alcohol,
  • when mental stress is recommended to use the break to rest.
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