How to increase the font in Touch?

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How to increase the font in Touch

When the eyes get tired quickly from small letters, and from a social network is not easy to get out, an urgent need to deal with the question of, how to increase font in contact. Picking the optimal size of the letters flashing on the screen, you can continue to communicate and receive messages from his friends.

Methods for increasing the font in contact

A method of increasing the font in contact you can choose, if you know the type of computer, and versed in your browser settings. We describe the main ways to increase the font.

  1. The easiest way to increase the font is clamping the ctrl button and scroll wheel on the mouse. Thus it is possible to select the page size, and adjust the font size for easy to scroll through the options.
  2. If you take the first way and remove it from the mouse, the second way to increase the font size in the Contact associated with holding the ctrl button and pressing the “+”. If you greatly increase the font, to get its size to human readable, you can press the ctrl and the “-“button.
  3. If you sit in contact with the laptop, Increase font size you can use the touchpad, substitute in the laptop mouse. Opening the contact page, lock the thumb and forefinger in the middle of the touchpad panel and spread your fingers apart.
  4. If you need to increase the font size, leaving the page size for the initial parameters, refer to the menu “My settings”. At the bottom of the ensuing opportunities find the button “Use larger fonts”. Place a check mark in front of. refresh the page, font size increase.
  5. If you want to understand, how to increase the font in Touch, changing the font in the browser, you need to look in the browser settings, click “Scale” and set the desired parameters.

Analyzing the problem of, how to increase font in contact, Do not forget about your health. Possibly from a long sitting at the computer screen, the sharpness of your vision has dropped substantially.

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