How to increase the font on the "Classmates"?

Increasing the font Odnoklassniki

Increasing the font Odnoklassniki

One of the most popular social networks - a network "Classmates" for users of all ages. Most people, They are now starting to communicate, not only in real-time, but also on the Internet. Thanks to social networks can be maintained constant communication with distant relatives and friends, which are located in different parts of the world. Odnoklassniki is a social network, where you can find and start communicating with fellow students and classmates, view of others and upload your photos, leave comments and give grades. Also, thanks to the social network, you can find a soul mate and a new friend. It is therefore important, so that during intercourse was comfortable not only for them, but you.

Recently, many people have a problem, associated with vision.
Worldwide, unfortunately, growing a large number of people, who have problems with blurred vision. Of course, you can blame everything on the computer monitor and TV, However, the statement of experts is, that the problem lies not only in these important factors. It turns out, adversely affects the eyes harmful environment, from which, Alas, not going anywhere. Even once we felt a large font becomes poor visibility over time. therefore, for more convenient use of the Internet is necessary to increase the font in the "Classmates".

How to solve a problem

To resolve this issue and for easy communication on the Internet, "Classmates", you can use a variety of settings websites. Most users want, to setup corresponded exactly to their requirements. Unfortunately, on this Web site as "classmates" function can be used for browsing the messages in standard mode. for example, The site has a special function contact, which is designed to increase the font. If we talk about the "Classmates" website, then change the font, you can not directly. However, the desktop icons can be easily increased, and not only to increase the font, but also pictures in "Odnoklassniki" social network, so on other sites. Overall, therefore,, it is very convenient.
Most visually impaired people who are tired or want to change the settings and to increase the font. The font in messages very small. Change settings on the site can be a special button.

To increase the font in the "Classmates" can be used two ways:

  • Hold the Ctrl button and in an outward scroll wheel mouse.
  • Hold the Ctrl button and + increasing font to size.

After you have done the necessary manipulations to the font sizes change easily and communication will immediately become comfortable and pleasant! You can also use third-party programs for correspondence in the "Classmates", that support the XMPP protocol. One such program - QIP 2012, Pidqin.

Thanks to the simple tips and tools you can communicate in "Odnoklassniki" social network without any restrictions. Have a nice chat!

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