How to install Yandex. have

Yandex. Bar one of the most versatile and high-quality tools of the, offered by Yandex. In this article, let's talk about, Yandeks.Bara how to install on your computer, and, it would take for that.

It is worth mentioning once, often the user does not even have to do anything, the application itself in a strange way is installed on your computer. for example, By downloading and installing the trial version of antivirus Nod 32, you can at the same time establish and Yandeks.Bara. The Setup Wizard prompts us to choose the desired settings, one of the items responsible for this function.


Before, installing Yandeks.Bara, We talk about the features and functions of Application. By installing this service to your browser, appears in front of you a special range, which will be located and all the features of the program. You can customize those items, to be visible. Most often, people leave to use these widgets: incoming mail, latest news, exchange rate, weather and more.

Yandex. have

Yandex. have

by the way, This application is best embedded in a special browser, namely in FireFox and Yandex Browser. Of the first we've heard for a long time, and we know, he is a, Now touch on the second. Browser from Yandex system offers us a wide range of unique services, you will not find in other programs. That is why, if you use this search engine in the broadest sense of the word, be sure to install the described browser.

You can also use any other browser, it does not affect the operation of the program.

How to install Yandeks.Bara

  1. If you still have not downloaded the necessary browser, then do it immediately. The right choice will help the preceding paragraph of this article. It is important to install the latest version, this will save you a lot of trouble.
  2. Then open a new utility window and go to the official website of the Yandex. Here, define a characteristic query in the search box and press “Enter”. Click on the first link, which was found in the search, so you get to the official product.
  3. Download and install the utility.
  4. In your browser is needed to allow the use of the new extension, to do this, click on “Allow”.
  5. Done. After the operation carried out by a new window with the widgets appear in your browser, that you can customize yourself.

Now you know, Yandeks.Bara how to install on your computer.

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