How to install ICQ on a computer

ICQ program in common called "ICQ". This program, like other online communication services have long been part of our lives. Often the lack of communication, If you suddenly stop work serving our service. Users all over the world prefer to Skype, but the Russian is very actively used by "ICQ".

Let us consider in detail, how to install ICQ on a computer

installation of ICQ

installation of ICQ

First you need to save to your computer the latest version of the software application ICQ. When downloading the installation file, be careful. Most sites offer a toll jump through sms, or simply you can throw a virus. You can also select a computer when downloading from any operating system you want to install ICQ.

Then open the downloaded file and click on it 2 times the left mouse button. After that, the computer will display a warning, in which you need to check the publisher's name. On this depends the security of your computer and data on it. Only after these steps, you need to click "Start".

Select the language and installation directory, and continue to further. A window will appear, where you can select the appropriate parameters at your discretion. Again click "Next" button. The program will continue to install automatically and within a few minutes, the program is installed on your computer.

Register at ICQ

ICQ running for the first time, you need to create a password and username to log. Also, when you enter the registration and other personal data, including your email address. When all the data will be filled, you need to click "submit". You need to log in to my email box and confirm registration. The following is logged in the established client, find contacts friends and start with them Internet communication.

How visible, install ICQ on a computer, as well as to use it. If you get out of ICQ, and after a while you want to start socializing again, it is necessary each time to enter your login and password. In addition to instant messaging software allows you to share media files.

What other opportunities does ICQ?

The latest version of the program allows you to work with facebook network. It means, that communicate with your friends on facebook, you can, without using a browser. To communicate with them is enough to include in the contact list of your ICQ friends on facebook.

ICQ also have an opportunity to place in their new status window and not only your photos c using a special tool.

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