How to calm the nerves

Как успокоить нервыuncommon, When self-control just need, but get up to mischief nerves did not allow to take himself in hand. At such moments just need to own at least a couple of receptions, allowing for a sufficiently rapid time to calm nerves. In addition to be able to pull myself together and relax, in our time the complete variety of stressful situations, you just need to, not to get sick or fall into depression.

Calm nerves at home

Easier and easier to put himself in the senses and calm the nerves in the home, as the usual eye conditions often has this. Consider the basic methods, nervine, many of which can be used at home, as in any other.

The first thing to which most often uses the majority of the people - is the acceptance of soothing tablets, The most common and widely used drugs, designed for this purpose, They are valerian, motherwort and novopassit. All these funds are created on the basis of medicinal herbs, The first two may be either in tablets, in tinctures and just in herbs. All these medicines are suitable for, to calm the nerves of pregnancy.
In addition to tablets, there are many ways to calm your nerves without drugs, which are sometimes even more effective:

  • Listening to music or songs. Such music should be calm and in any case non-irritating to the ear. This may be a special music, intended for relaxation, or just pleasant and favorite tunes and songs. In addition there is also a special music videos with nature paintings, which also have a beneficial effect on the nervous system.
  • Special games, nervine. Currently available is a wide variety of toys, which are designed to calm the nerves. One such, eg, a toy magnet, established in the form of boxes, in which the letters are arranged, which can sort out or to fold them different shapes. This game is perfect for use in the office. At home, you can, use maps and solitaire. In addition, there are also computer games, able to calm the nerves, but that still does not get involved.
  • Preparation and use of herbs, nervine. Even our grandmothers used this way to calm your nerves and always considered him one of the most effective. Besides the above mentioned herbs valerian and motherwort can also use the following : Melissa, pion, tutsan, ginseng, chamomile, mint, and hawthorn. But taking these herbs need to be careful, as some of them have contraindications. With herbs, nervine, You can also take a relaxing bath
  • Принятие расслабляющих ванн.The adoption of a relaxing bath. A very good bath with the addition of sea salt, soothing infusions of medicinal herbs, different flavors. Take such a bath it is desirable no longer, than twenty minutes. In order to achieve the desired effect and calm the nerves, You can also create a favorable environment for this. put candles, aromatic lamp with scent, a beneficial effect on the nervous system, eg, mint, lemon, chamomile and bergamot, and include soft music. These baths can be done even without additives, In this case, the main well to adjust the water temperature, so that it is comfortable for your body, that is, not too cold, and in any case hot.
  • meditation. This method is one of the most effective, as it allows you to completely calm their nerves, and bring their thoughts in order. But in order to master it and get the desired effect need to have faith in what is happening, as well as the total concentration. For a session of meditation is also very important to create a relaxed environment, it is desirable to even find a nook, where no one will interfere and where you can sit back and try to relax completely, attuning oneself in a positive way. As you can also use headphones and turn the music as a special auxiliary tool, nervine.

If the home environment, conversely causes irritation, it is better to change it to a more pleasant for yourself, eg:

  • Go to the promenade and listen to the sound of water.
  • a walk in the park, listening to the sounds of nature and trying not to think about anything, except for the walk.
  • go to the playground and watch the game and disorderly fuss young children.

All of the above methods, in addition to taking herbs, and may well help to calm the nerves pregnant, which as anyone not to be nervous.
Let your body relax more, otherwise due to lack of time to recover, he will be weakened, and the nervous system is shattered.

How quickly calm the nerves

Как быстро успокоить нервыIt is much more difficult to pull myself together in situations, when it is necessary to calm down quickly, to look sober and clear on what is happening. Such cases may include the device to work, exams, crucial report and etc.. Many are also advised in these moments to take sedatives. But in fact, most of them, cause braked condition of the body, drowsiness, etc., and it is in such moments can not be allowed, there are more than ever need clarity of mind and a good reaction. For, to quickly calm the nerves without drugs, better to try to use one of the following options::

  • Sit down for at least a couple of minutes, close your eyes and begin to restore breathing, slowly making the inhalation and exhalation. Such a method can be used, to calm your nerves before an exam
  • Do yourself a self-massage. Rub your palm under the thumb, first with one hand, then the other on 2-3 moments.
  • According to Feng Shui it is also considered, that can quickly calm the nerves rearranging at least 20 objects from one place to another, thereby distracting yourself from unnecessary thoughts.
  • Count to ten, while focusing on complacency.
  • Think about the desired results and how, how much it will bring positive emotions, trying to push away, thoughts about the upcoming process.
  • Listen to the sound of water, this can be done, eg, go to the bathroom and just turn on the tap.
  • Come to the window, you can even open it, and listen to the noise and bustle of the street.

Calm your nerves at times is a difficult task, but working on himself and developing a sense of self-control, each time will become easier and easier to put themselves in feeling, to get rid of nervousness and regain peace of mind.

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