How to improve memory

With age, the ability to accumulate knowledge and play them is decreasing at an accelerated pace. It is familiar to all older people. The loss of keys, the inability to navigate the store while shopping, lost time in search of points – all of these everyday difficulties can result in the inability to remember own name and address. The reasons for the gaps in memory can be different, but improve memory.

As a person remembers

To improve memoryA good memory is not only the prospect of obtaining a well-paid job, but the question of fitness to life in the outside world. On earth there are many living beings. However, the ability to store memories is peculiar only to the brain of the person. Consciousness is inextricably linked to the memory. The mechanism of memorization is necessary in order, to survive in the outside world.

Scientists from the University of Virginia conducted research and claim, with age the process of memory loss is almost inevitable. The good news is that, what adults can mitigate these negative effects. Association Of Alzheimer's, which was created to help people with this disease, provides information about the fact, every 70 seconds in the world recorded manifestations of this disease of the brain. To date, this is the most common form of dementia.

Attention and memory are like muscles. Their necessary and useful from time to time to train. The ability to perceive and remember information, pass it on to the next generation is the basis for the development of human civilization.

Memory is divided into three types:

  • the very first set up in short-term memory. The events and information recorded in the brain for a temporary period of from several minutes to days, Information is quickly forgotten due to the small volume of short-term memory. for example, the sentence can be quickly remember, but, half an hour later, it gets lost;
  • long-term memorization, in which information is stored in the memory of the years;
  • RAM. Is intermediate, combining short-term and long-term memory. It holds information, designed for use before a certain time. After that, as it is not needed, it is erased.

The concept of "bad memory" is in the complexity of memories.

Memory is inextricably linked with the functions of attention. With it highlighted the important parts of the world and travel to short-term memory. Numerous studies still do not answer the question, why some events are easy to remember, why attention is focused on certain things more readily, than the other.

However, it is noted, what negative factors, impair memory and attention, are:

  1. Stress.
  2. The constant state of fatigue. Depression is a disease, in contrast to just a bad mood, it needs to be treated. The doctor will help to improve memory, the use of antidepressants.
  3. Violation of the regime of sleep and rest.
  4. Unhealthy lifestyle, Smoking, alcohol and drugs. About the dangers of alcohol written and said a lot. Current research suggests, consumption of alcohol in large doses over several years is guaranteed to lead to the destruction of brain cells and dementia.
  5. The greyness and monotony of everyday life.
  6. Some illnesses can also lead to memory impairment, eg, diabetes 2 type. Modern research has revealed, the activity of the brain decreases with an increase in blood sugar in patients with diabetes. This is due to disruption of blood vessels, supplying the brain with oxygen. So you need to follow doctor's orders and maintain sugar normal.
  7. Researchers from the University of California in Los Angeles noticed, what people, which happens to be a short-term stop breathing when falling asleep have trouble remembering. Breathing becomes irregular, and the brain not getting enough oxygen. As treatment at home can also use special devices or masks. Be sure to follow excess weight.

first, where to begin to develop memory, it is the formation of healthy habits.

A change in routine

First of all you need to care about improving the quality of sleep. A good rest makes it easier to overcome the problem situation, to deal with stress. During a person's sleep starts the process of processing and storing information. The brain goes from information in drawing up its memory. This creates neural connections. Scientists have found, the success of learning and memory status is directly dependent on the quality of sleep. This applies particularly to children, that need to provide a calm and restful sleep.

For an adult the normal operation of the brain need 8 hours of sleep. However, numerous studies claim, that.10-15 minutes of sleep a day have a similar effect on restarting. So, German scientists have found, that one and a half hours of sleep a day helps to keep the brain cells working with a new force.

A special diet to improve memory

Nutrition have to do a variety of, since the reception of the same food leads to memory loss, disruption of normal brain function. Changing cooking methods are also useful. The man is arranged so, to quickly get used to everything new, gradually lost the perception of change and memory. So you need to constantly learn new things and to do it regularly.

German scientists from the Westphalian University conducted an experiment, gathering a group of volunteers aged about 60 years old. Within a month they were fed a reduced calorie food. The results at the end of the experiment to test the memory shown in this group is an improvement 20%. Scientists explained these results for two reasons: lower insulin levels, which is produced in the digestion of food and reducing the level of C-reactive protein, the level of which increases with inflammation.

Recommended calorie allowance is 1200 in a day. To improve memory can not only reduce daily calories, but limited consumption of fats, meat, dairy products.

Very often it is difficult to recommend any particular diet, which would be able to protect the person from Alzheimer's disease. It is recommended to use products, improve memory with a salt content of folic acid (folate) and vitamins (special, AT 12, E, WITH). The source of folate is salad, spinach, asparagus, parsley, cabbage, cauliflower, beet. For those, who doesn't like green salads, you can include in your diet lentils, beans, beans.

Researchers from the medical center of Columbia University identified an opportunity to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease in compliance with the so-called Mediterranean diet, which is rich vegetables, fruit, ocean fish and olive oil. You need to eliminate from the diet fats, dairy products and red meat, including beef.

There are also many supplements, which improve cerebral blood circulation and memory. Among them are the extract of Golden root.

Products in the diet

The brain damage can be caused by a lack of certain elements. This is especially true for carbohydrates, polyunsaturated fatty acids, the b vitamins, folic acid and vitamin E. But it does not mean, you need to take different nutritional supplements and medicines. Enough to include in the daily diet such products, as grain, beans, corn, nuts, vegetables, containing b vitamins, C and E. These changes in the diet will improve memory with long-term perspective.

Diet should contain:

  • red meat;
  • boiled potatoes;
  • wholemeal bread;
  • apples and other fresh fruit;
  • vegetables, especially tomatoes and carrots, which contains carotene. To enhance the absorption of this useful brain substances carrots seasoned with vegetable oil;
  • fatty fish;
  • walnuts;
  • olive oil.
  • eggs;
  • blueberries not only improves vision, but also supports in good condition the memory, especially short-term;
  • green tea – a great tool to improve memory. Besides, and moderate caffeine consumption decreases the risk of dementia in old age. This is shown by studies of Finnish and French scientists. The tea and coffee help to arrange short breaks at work, when the brain is resting;
  • not all sweets useful, however, researchers have identified the beneficial properties of dark chocolate, including to improve memory. Catechin, beneficial effect on brain activity, is not only contained in dark chocolate, but in the grapes, berries and green tea.

On the state of the memory directly affects the so-called hormone of joy. Scientists from the University of Edinburgh has established a close relationship between long term memory with the flow of the brain hormone dopamine. The studies involved people aged 65 to 75 years old. They have conducted hormonal research and were given tests of memory information. People from the group with elevated levels of dopamine, memory was much better, they are less tired mental stress.

To increase the level of dopamine in the body with natural sugars and fats. For the production of "hormone of happiness" also requires the amino acid phenylalanine, which a lot of beets, green beans, almonds, eggs. To use these products you need in the morning, since the hormone is held in the time interval from 10 to 11 am.

Spices and aromatic oils

known, scent can be not only a way of reinforcing the attractiveness. Aromatherapy can be used as a means to improve the function of the brain to memorize information. Researchers from Northumbria University have found, to improve memorization and concentration helps the smell of rosemary. To use this fact is quite simple. For this you need to buy the essential oil of this plant and add to a diffuser when you perform some important work or study.

Among aromatic herbs, helps to improve brain activity, you can also note the mint and sage.

Among the spices to stimulate memory, you need to use vanilla.

Medicines to improve memory

You can optionally use the drugs improve memory. Without prescription buy the following drugs:

  1. Glycine is quite commonly prescribed in human brain, stresses. The drug improves brain efficiency and memory. Of the side effects is possible only allergic to some components.
  2. Bilobil prescribed for sleep disorders. This drug improves the supply of oxygen to the brain, to improve memory. The medicine should take the courses of the reception for 3 months. With the exception of children and adolescents to 18 years old.
  3. Ginkgo Biloba is prescribed for forgetfulness and sleep problems. Helps to improve metabolism. Contraindicated in pregnancy and in children.

To improve memory and brain function pills by prescription after consultation with your doctor. This files most often prescribed nootropics. To stimulate the brain taking the following popular medications: Nootropil, Piracetam, Oxiracetam and other. Of course, pills, to improve memory you need to take a course. At the time the treatment takes about a month.

Traditional medicines

In some cases you can do without drugs. How to improve memory at home, using folk remedies? There are several recipes.

Settings from clover. For its preparation used flowers plants. You can fill a quart jar halfway with raw materials, add half a liter of vodka, cover and put in a dark place. Every day you need to stir the mixture. Tincture will be ready in 2 of the week. She shimmers in a dark container and is accepted by 1 tablespoon, preferably after dinner for 21 day. Then you need to make a break for the same period and repeat the procedure. The main course of treatment lasts 3 of the month.

Tincture of the roots of ash red. One tablespoon pour a glass of boiling water and simmer for 10 minutes. The resulting broth is poured into a thermos and infused 6 hours. After which the broth should take 3 times a day for a month. It is best to carry out such treatment in the cold season and nothing more 2 once a year.

Sage and mint take 2 teaspoons, put the thermos and pour boiling water. Infusion strain and take 4 times a day 50 grams half an hour before meals.

Trainers to remember

The following memory and attention exercises help to get rid of absent-mindedness and forgetfulness.

One of the easiest means of remembering – the things, which are in the room. It is possible to describe them or just give the names. While speed is important. Regular performance of this exercise helps to improve memory, to activate the neurons of the brain. They begin to work in full force.

You can perform the following exercise: to call the names of famous writers. Fifteen named individuals is considered to be a pretty good indicator of the normal functioning of the brain. In the same way I remember the names, the names of the cities, furniture.

The following exercise on the development of memory have to do with a helper. He places 10 animal images on the worksheet. You can find them on the Internet and print on plain paper. During 1 minutes need to watch and memorize the group of animals, shown on the worksheet. Then the picture is removed, a trainee must write animals. To complicate the task, you can restore the sequence of location symbols.

There is another small exercise for daily memory training. You need to get a pen, a sheet of paper and go in the other room. After that records all the items, which are in the room. Then you need to go back and see, what items were forgotten. With regular training exercise will get better.

For a long time to improve memory was used the technique of reading words backwards. Modern research shows, that get so hard to pronounce the words, injure the brain and create unnecessary levels of stress for neurons.

A recent study by Sydney University has shown the weakness of the shift leading hand in the implementation of common tasks. It is almost never beneficial. Earlier this method was recommended to improve memory, but is now considered, this creates confusion in the brain. known, in Soviet times, children were forcibly retrained to use the right hand. These children in the future, worse coped with the study, they resented memorizing, logic and spatial thinking. They were more exposed to stressful situations.

Exercises to develop memory

Researchers from the Met University in England recommends simple exercise, which sinhroniziruete the work of both hemispheres of the brain. To do this, from time to time be distracted from remembering any information and periodically during 30 seconds move your eyes from side to side. This gymnastics activates the visual centers of the brain and leads him to the tone.

How to improve memory adult? You can study a foreign language. It does not need to mechanically memorize new words. It is better to associate them with certain images or individual phrases. So they will be fixed in the brain and will be remembered for a long time. Perfect knowledge of a foreign language is the perception of movies in the original voice.

Information, which enters the brain, distributed over different areas, not concentrated in a particular segment. One of the most effective exercises for the development of memory is, to force the brain to remember any situation, as if it is photographed. You will need to remember the details: color, smells, the taste of food. This allows you to maintain a sharp mindset even in old age.

Numerical tables Schulte – a great trainer for the development of attention and brain training. They represented the chaotic spread of numbers. Such tables can be found on the Internet. Regular classes on them at the rate of passage of the job – one of the best ways to improve memory. They will be suitable for students aged 12 years old.

One of the effective methods of development of memory are the so-called mind Palace. This method of memorization is known since the times of Ancient Greece. How to improve memory of brain with it? You need to imagine a familiar building (eg, flat or lecture hall) and place inside items from the list, you need to remember. This is followed by a mental "journey" imaginary place with the reproduction of objects in memory.

Ways to increase the speed of memorization

Any student of well-known, what is the quality and speed of memory increase, if the escort saves the new text read aloud. Pronunciation of activates the mechanisms of auditory memory in the brain. Even more material is studied, if the text diluted by pictures, photos, forming visual images while reading.

Capturing new information using a normal ballpoint pen is much more effective, than making reminders to your phone or computer.

Repetition for short intervals of time also contributes to a better memorization.

The effectiveness of memorization increases when focusing on performing a single task. Despite the fact that many companies are looking for employees, able to simultaneously handle a variety of tasks, the quality of work will always be low. Multi-tasking reduces the effectiveness of memorization. Therefore, the development of a new material eliminate the need to switch between tasks. Full concentration on one the action is only possible when the disabling of distracting sources: television, radio.

Games to improve memory

A variety of educational games also improve memory. It can be:

  • chess;
  • the solving of puzzles;
  • filling crosswords.

To increase the productivity of the brain by using logic games. Time in front of the TV can also be use, eg, try to guess the answer to connoisseurs all over the known game "What? Where? When?».

Puzzles, where there is a huge amount, designed to train the brain. It is not only popular in our country Sudoku, but Japanese puzzle: Ken-Ken, kendoku, Kakuro. Developmental activities need to be regularly changed. for example, if the person is easy to cope with digital challenges, you can start to learn a foreign language.

AT 2009 year study of American society, in the field of ageing, identified the following pattern: were investigated people over 65 years old, which for 1 hours a day for two months he held a special computer program, focused on the development of cognitive skills of the brain. Studies have shown, such activity is allowed to improve memory and brain function in the elderly.

So no need to blame your child for the fascination with computer games. You can offer him the most useful, eg, strategic, which will develop brain function, associated with memory.

Microbiologist Gary small directs the center for the study of aging, University of Los Angeles. He has conducted numerous studies of the brain in people of all ages. He notes, the Internet acts as a brain workout. Experiment participants used a computer, the studies used magnetic resonance imaging. It was people aged 55 to 76 years old. The group, which used the Internet, the average was shown in 2 times more brain activity, than the other participants.

Physical activity

Absolutely any physical exercise allow you to increase the blood flow to the brain, which helps to improve thought processes. Everybody knows, that movement is life. But in addition to benefit, which gets the human body, exercise also stimulate brain activity. In sports is the growth of nerve endings, responsible for memorizing information. With regular physical activity in the body also increases production of specific amino acids, necessary to improve mental performance.

How to improve memory and attention through exercise? First you need to do three times a week. Not necessarily a few hours to spend in the gym. The more that strength training is not suitable for the development of memory. More effective aerobic physical activity.

Every evening you need to stroll around the house, with time, increasing their duration. You can abandon the car and get to work on foot, if it is close to home. A light jog in the morning, moderate load on the heart will help you maintain a great shape and the sharpness of mind for a long time.

You also need to regularly do regular exercises. Daily classes (duration 20 minutes) will allow the body to begin to produce the substances necessary, improve memory.

Cardio workouts allow you to improve the supply of oxygen to the brain. The physical activities, as swimming and Jogging, will have an effect in the long run.

Regular physical activity should be an integral part of life of any person. This will help to avoid such diseases, as obesity, diabetes, heart disease.

Daily activities, improve memory

Memory, like any other habit, produced by the regular repetition. What you need to do each day for its development:

  1. Change images in the surrounding space. The fact. what, if day-to-day routine actions, the brain includes the autopilot. When switching to another activity, the brain activity increases. So you need to have a little shake to the brain. for example, when working at the computer can be regularly updated Wallpapers on your desktop.
  2. It is useful to read fiction. When a person reads a book, there is contact of the brain with the body. This does not have to read something difficult. The main condition lies in the fact, the book captured and forced to experience any emotions. No matter the format, it may be the electronic edition. the main thing, to read not boring, and did not create excessive tension of the eye muscles.
  3. After reading the book to write the names of the characters and make plot summaries. Periodically look at your notes, to restore read. There is also a lot of books, dedicated to increasing the productivity of the brain.
  4. After watching the movie, or any television program to restore the storylines from the very beginning, the names of the main characters.
  5. You need to use special exercises.
  6. Meditation and breathing practices. Meditation allows you to accelerate the processes of oxygen supply to the brain, gives relaxation, the opportunity to focus on the inner world, increases stress and creates a positive attitude. Through meditative practices, achieved control over the flow of thoughts in my head, to separate the most important.
  7. Chinese medicine extensively uses acupuncture. The treatment is based on the principle, the human body is permeated with nerve and energy channels. Thin needles can activate certain points, including in the human brain. Improve memory and without recourse to a specialist. Massaging with fingertips in the temples for a few seconds can reduce stress and strengthen the memorization of necessary information.
  8. Improve memory by remembering your address, phones, street names, birthdays friends.
  9. Every day when going to the store to keep in mind a shopping list.
  10. Remembering people's names will not only improve memory, but to make communication easy and enjoyable even with the unfamiliar man.. For this we should make a Association of a person's identity with any of the relatives, a public person or others in any interesting fact.
  11. Every night before I go to sleep, you need to scroll in the memory of the events of the day. This will not only promotes memorization, but also allow you to analyze the effectiveness of day and the possibility to change something for the future.
  12. Crafts also contributes to the development of the brain. Such activities develop fine motor skills in children and adults.

The development of visual and auditory memory

Research, held at the University of Helsinki, confirmed the importance of developing visual memory. When an image associated with the new information, in the future, when you look at him, she quickly reminded. The training of visual memory is better to start with fixed items.

For the development of auditory memory have to practice. All you need to do is to watch and listen. Then try to reproduce what he saw and heard. Training auditory memory may be on the way to work. When you do this, listen to the surrounding sounds, instead of just listening to music in headphones.

Improve memory in children

A child's brain need to develop active training. Instead of computers and cell phones, the child needs to move and spend more time developing games and books. The simplest game "Cities", "Association", learning from a child poems, memorization and repetition of tongue twisters – this will help memorization, however, to develop a thinking process in General.

The best option – you need to give the child to any section: swimming, football for boys. And of course, since childhood, accustomed to morning exercises.

For parents of first-graders becomes relevant the question of, how to improve memory and attention of the child. Because the child 7 years at school have a new load and need to memorize large amounts of information. To improve memory will help the following tips:

  1. Need to avoid fatigue and overload. The brain child don't need to over load. The main way to improve memory is considered to be still reciting a poem, text.
  2. In the future, for older children an effective method of brain training is writing. This activity develops imagination and spatial thinking.
  3. For grown-up children from 12 years can be used as a method of development of memory Association games. for example, this way, the child can create associative relationships when memorizing new words in a foreign language.
  4. In training is important for regularity.

Improve memory in elderly people

With age, the memorization becomes more difficult. Features memory training for the elderly are, that they more effective exercise. In the preparation of lesson plan you need to choose more sparing for the heart and joints exercise. Small exercises in the morning, exercise to improve breathing – this will be enough to preserve brain function.

In order to longer maintain the sharpness of thinking important constant mental stress. This might be a logical problem, crossword puzzles, Sudoku. Each hour of such intellectual efforts for the 60-year-olds must be accompanied by a short rest. It is best to walk in the fresh air or to do simple gymnastics.

For the elderly need to keep a positive Outlook on the world. If you can't remember the date, important events, you can start a diary. The use of records allows you to unload the head, plan to buy.

Reading good books, memorization and reproduction of poetry allows not only to diversify the daily routine, but also to stimulate the brain and improve memory. Even 15 minutes a day book, with the subsequent retelling aloud will have the effect already after two weeks of daily training.

Older people are advised not to rush into retirement. The job responsibilities, especially rewarding, helps to train the brain. To work, you have to make decisions and remember information. Besides, in General, the presence of people and communicating with them reduces the risk of developing dementia. Isolation from society often leads to depression, but, Consequently, and decrease in the ability to memorize.

Unfortunately, impossible to stop the aging process. The best way, how to improve memory after 50 years old, – carefully monitor the way of life. The human body is designed so, even the usual lack of sleep in the elderly is perceived as stress. So you need to arrange a holiday and short breaks, to avoid experiences, unrest, that kill nerve cells of the brain.

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