How to remove subscribers from VKontakte?

Almost every month social network "Vkontakte" surprises its users a variety of new features. Some people like them, and someone very much irritate. And one of these new features is the addition of subscribers.

Subscription FaceBook

Subscription FaceBook

VKontakte is now two variants of relations between users: except for "friendship" you will simply someone's subscriber, this will allow you to browse the news of those people, to which you have subscribed. And who else can be to sign on your news pages, Although your friend is not. And at one point, there is the inevitable question: retiring from subscribers FaceBook? After all, the time to read all the news sometimes lack, and many of them simply are not that interesting, As shown at a glance.

The reasons for falling into subscribers

Sometimes without even noticing you get to any user in subscribers. Subscribers get in to it, you can for three reasons::

  • You gave this user a friend request, and he did not even consider it. May be, he did not have time to consider your application or for some reason, he did not notice her immediately;
  • The user did not add in the friends and left followers. maybe, for some reason, he just did not want to see you in your friends, and you got the role only subscriber;
  • You were in the user's friends and for some he only known reason, he decided to remove you. Or simply lost interest in you. And maybe there was some conflict. But you have deleted from friends, and you will automatically become a subscriber.

Way to remove from subscribers FaceBook

There are two correct ways to retire from subscribers. To carry out the first of them need to go to a page to the user, have you in subscribers. Text is the button "Send Message", and under it in grey it says "You sent a request..." and then the name of that person. If you hover the mouse over this inscription, appears in front of you is a message here: "You sent this- the user application to friends and subscribe to update its pages ", and then the button "Cancel". You will need to click on the option to "Cancel".

The second way how to remove subscribers FaceBook. You will need to go to a page on the social network, and click the option "My friends". Top of the page will show three buttons: "All friends", "Friends Online", "Applications to friends". First you need to select the button "Orders to friends", and then "Outgoing applications". Locate and select that user, the news that you want to unsubscribe. And unsubscribe from it.

Another easy way to remove subscribers from FaceBook. Find the column below the Text. Drop down a little bit down the page, beneath the words "Friends Online" is the inscription "Interesting pages". Click on it. A window will appear, on top of it are two buttons "Interesting pages" and "Subscribers". The subscribers are people, who have subscribed to your news. The "interesting pages" are people, to which you have subscribed. Among all your subscriptions you need to find someone, you want to remove from your subscriptions. When you find the desired, Press the "Unsubscribe".

The user also has the opportunity to remove people from subscribers, placing them in the black list.
knowing the ways, retiring from subscribers FaceBook you can observe what is happening in the social network, and at the right time to unsubscribe you from unnecessary acquaintances and interesting news. Also, do not become known by some accounts, any user, decided to, that you are not worthy of friendship with him.

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