How to retire from classmates?

Deleting your account and classmates

Deleting your account and classmates

Social networks are storming the Internet, increasingly capturing the world's population: someone almost every day does not get out of your account on Facebook, others are obsessed with Twitter, and your family in the evenings arguing for a seat at the computer, to "hang out" in Odnoklassniki.

If you are an avid user of some social network, a permanent member of one of the many pages or groups, or something like that, then you start to get an update on this business, and you like it. But, may be, You tried once, and you did not like it, then the question arises, eg, retiring from classmates? Fortunately, This site is fairly simple and has instructions, that tell, what should be done, to delete your account.

Why do you have to delete my account

  • In your profile people can see your photos, you share the events of his life or inner thoughts. And there are several degrees of protection of your information. Relying on defense, group may be open to visitors, Search and associations, or study, If you are a student. But here is a fan to create trouble, and communication becomes unbearable.
  • Another is if you move to another social network, which begin to actively use not less than, and gradually a new occupation consumes all your time, and your old account is still "out there". But social networking is not something too like to part with their users. And reminder letters are starting to pour in to your mailbox about, that there is a new update, someone new wants to write you as a friend, old friends without you mourn and wither, and so on and so forth. And you just can not tear, you, naturally, all is not enough. It's like a new love: she spent all his days and nights, deeds and thoughts, but it is intolerable bother old love. so here, when it comes to social networks, instead of human relations, with this problem is easy to handle. Enough to retire from classmates.
  • Of course, there may be other reasons. for example, you rashly put photos, which can give you a lot of trouble. Or maybe, you just tired. Here and there is a need to remove your account. But in any case, if there was a problem, it is time to move on to the main question.

so, how to remove account

  • launch your web-browser, Sign in Odnoklassniki and open your account;
  • at the bottom of the page find the word Regulations (it is located in the far right column), click on it;
  • in the opened window check the cause, on which you want to close your account and click the delete account.

That's all, As to the question how to remove classmates? You can receive an email with further instructions on how to confirm the cancellation. Typically, in this report there is a link, you need to click, to complete the deletion of your account.

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