How do I delete a contact permanently?

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How to remove your page forever?

Since social networks communication takes a significant chunk in the life of modern man, sometimes it is very difficult to give up a virtual profile. In the most popular Russian social network “In Contact” to delete your account forever and ever not so easy.

The resource administration has set strict limits on profiles. Now, you can not change the page, create and delete new accounts without prior approval of their actions.

If you decide withdraw from the contact permanently, then you need to make a request and send it in writing to the address: 191015, St. Petersburg, Tverskaya, d. 8, lit.. B. A copy of his application to send e-mail, which registered an account.

If you believe the contract, Account deletion will take place within three days of receipt of your application.

Remove account temporarily

If the question of, retiring from the contact for all you do not care, but you must spare time to solve the current problems, account can be frozen.

  1. For this go to menu “My settings”.
  2. Then there is privacy settings. Go to them.
  3. Under “Who can view my page” note the answer is “Only me”.

From that moment on the main page of your account you will see an entry “Page removed by its owner”, and the profile will be visible only to you.

To Page is not removed permanently, you need at least once a month to look at it. If activity on the user page will not be for a month, your account will be permanently deleted.

Here's an algorithm to solve the problem: retiring from the contact permanently. Before, how to act, think carefully, whether to remove an account for the backlog of cases. Maybe it will be enough to freeze time.

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