How to Remove from group?

remove himself from the group

How do I unsubscribe from a group from Contacts

Communicating in social networks, we often look for a company with the same interests and hobbies. Join groups, We subscribe to interesting news and mailing.

Over time, interest may change, and groups, who yesterday were more than relevant, today seem excessive load. How to remove yourself from a group, that news is not only interesting, but do not bear good?

Was removed from the group

  1. On the user page there is a button “My groups”. By clicking on it, you get to a page listing all the groups and communities, where you belong.
  2. Hover over the name of the group, you want to leave. menu appears. Choose “Leave group”. Click on the button. Refreshes the page – the list of groups remote will not remain.

Unsubscribe from the community

On the same page, where you removed from the group, you can unsubscribe from receiving news communities. Choose from the list and put a tick in the box next to “show news”.

Remove from subscriptions

there are groups, that we read not because we are interested in, but because it is fashionable to read. Sometimes smart enough to leave the tick in the subscription box, without entering into a full band. Thus we protect ourselves from the extra interviews and meetings.

Remove from subscribers such groups simply. Click the “My subscriptions” and opposite the needed group remove a tick. That's all.

Remove from group is not so difficult, as it might seem at first glance.

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