How do I delete a bookmark in Touch?

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How do I delete a bookmark in Touch

All users of social network “Vkontakte” is available, the bookmark function. It means, you can always leave the tab on the interested page, group or newswire.

But what to do, when the need for tab disappears, and news accounts to continue to come to your wall?

How do I delete a bookmark in the contact tell our article.

remove the person

If there was a need to delete a bookmark on one of the pages in Touch, you need to follow this step by step guide.

  1. first, what should be done: log on to your page, driving a login and password.
  2. second, go to “My bookmarks”. It is a full list of names, groups and communities, on which you keep tabs.
  3. choose, whose page you no longer need in the tabs and click on the user name.
  4. Go to his page. Find the field “Remove from bookmark” and click on it. Now the account of the person ceases to float in your bookmarks.

delete the group

to understand, how to remove the tab in contact with the group, need to refer back to your “My bookmarks”.

  1. Here choose the tab “Links” and click on it. Here is a complete list of groups displayed, news that you read.
  2. Find irrelevant group and go to its page.
  3. On the group page, in the right side you will find a button “Remove from bookmarks”. presses her.

That's not hard and fast you can solve the problem of, how to delete a bookmark in Touch if you have lost interest in the User's Profile.

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