How to remove Yandex money

Often it happens, the user decides to delete your account in any system, but does not know, how to do it. maybe, he does not like the conditions, offered by supplier, maybe, He does this in order, so as not to clog the system, tk. It does not use the services offered.

This article will consider, how to remove Yandex. Money, and that this will require. The term “remove” is not really suitable in our case. The fact, you can just close your account, but you can only delete the whole account with all the other functions. I.e, if you pull yourself together to get rid of the purse, you can not use e-mail and other services. This is due to the fact, the system uses the account affection. In this regard, consider, how to get rid of the account in another way.

How to close the purse Yandex. Money

How to remove Yandex money

How to remove Yandex money

You can close your personal account voluntarily, and it can make administration in the case, if you do not abide by the rules dogovra. We consider the first option.


  1. The first thing you need to reset wallet, ie. spend or transfer all their funds. Only in this case, the system may delete your data. Buy something online store or pay for personal services. Generally not a problem to spend their money.
  2. Next, look at the lower area of ​​the page, there is a section “write to us”. With it, you can refer to the site's administration with the request. In its communication, please give details, what happened, specify its requirements and the reasons for. After that, all fields are filled, click on the “send”button. You can also call, which is listed in the contact information and also tell about the problem.
  3. Now you just have to wait. During 10 day administration of reviewing your application and will take all necessary measures. After closing the account, you will receive a message characteristic to the post office.

Now you know, how to remove Yandex. Money.

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