How to remove facial hair permanently

many women, but rather young girls complain, they have a large amount of excess hair on the face. Of course, young girls confuse this situation, but very often the young person exaggerate, a small layer of the gun is a natural occurrence for each person.

The fact, that every single person has a healthy scalp throughout the body. On the head of excess hair, he needed to, to protect the skull from the penetration of harmful radiation. Much depends on, the conditions in which she lives, as well as heredity. There are a number of reasons, why the number of hairs may be greater than normal, and not always the cause of a painful rejection. This article will consider, how to remove facial hair, and analyze a few fine points. Also on our website you can learn, how to do a manicure at home.

Causes of excessive amount of hair

How to remove facial hair permanently

How to remove facial hair permanently

reasons, due to which a girl can increase hair growth on the face, can be mass. As I said before, not always the cause of getting the disease. But in any case the girl should know all the information.

  • menopause. Most often, the hair growth rate increases it is for this reason. The fact, that girls are such periods, When ovarian activity is suspended, It is leading to increased activity of androgen (male hormone). It was he who affects the abundant growth of hair.
  • pubescence. The human body is constantly exposed to external or internal influences. Puberty very strong influence on all processes, that occur in the body. maybe, that this process has caused the growth of hair on the face. In this case, do not worry, after a while it will pass.
  • Heredity. If your father or mother had the same problem, as you, it is likely that you have received their inheritance. Therefore, it is not necessary to refer to the disease.
  • hirsutism. A fairly common disease, in which a large number of male hormones in the female body prevails. And the situation is aggravated with age, tk. hormones becomes even more. If you do not pass special treatment, that to a certain point the situation may get out of control. If you suspect, that you are a carrier of the disease, seek medical advice immediately.
  • Hormonal imbalances can cause increase in hair growth.

How to remove facial hair permanently

Волосы на лице

Facial Hair

To get rid of excess hair on the face, You can use two methods: refer to the beautician or take drugs, that normalize the body and set the rate of androgen in the body.

There is a large variety of drugs, which will help you in the fight against this disease. We will look at the most popular and effective ones. But in any case it is desirable to consult with your doctor.

List of drugs

  • contraceptives. Strangely enough this type of drug helps many women's ailments. for example, he copes with excess facial hair and normalizes all of the processes, taking place in the body.
  • spironolactone. This drug blocks the action of androgens of individual, which leads to a reduction in hair growth. In addition, it blocks the emergence of new hormones.
  • ketoconazole. The drug has the same features, as the previous embodiment. It is important to use these drugs to consult a doctor. As they may greatly affect the work of hormones and cause pain.

How to remove facial hair. Cosmetology



Recently, cosmetologists have made a big leap forward relating to this issue. Therefore, you are invited to a wide range of services for the removal of facial hair, some are more effective, and some have gone a long time in the past. Consider each embodiment in particular.

hair plucking. It's pretty cheap procedure, but at the same time painful. Although it can be done, and at home. But it is worth remembering, that regular plucking leads to thickening of the hair roots.

Hair removal with wax

Waxing has helped thousands of women to get rid of painful problem. This method is among the top most common and effective solutions. Moreover, a positive result is stored for a long time. The method is suitable for those girls, whose scalp slightly expressed.

by the way, There are various methods for performing this procedure,, e.g. sugar or wax epilation. All necessary materials can be found in cosmetic shop, and carry out the operation itself is desirable in the cabin. While professional women may well relieve themselves.

hair discoloration

This method is not difficult, and cheap. But this is only one side of the coin. The fact, that the procedure can cause skin irritation, which also have to be treated. What's more difficult to find a good agent for bleaching.

Cream for hair removal

Hair removal using depilation, perhaps, the worst solution. There are a number of reasons. First of all, this method does not give a positive effect. Besides, cream, used during the procedure, can cause painful irritation of the skin. And on the face can be formed even thicker hair. If you still have not answered the question, how to remove facial hair, then read about the most effective ways, which are explained below.


Electrolysis is rightly considered to be one of the most effective ways to combat hair on the face. During the procedure is the destruction of the follicle, thanks to which the hair grows. Accordingly, after a course of electrolysis, you will forget about your problem. by the way, course includes 5-6 procedures, who hold special master in the beauty salon.

Unfortunately, This procedure is quite painful, so have a little patience. Besides, maybe a little irritation of the skin.

Epilation and laser hair removal

Laser is the best weapon against anti-hair. But this method can not be done at home, tk. you will need special equipment and trained master. The method has many advantages: process is absolutely painless, and hair disappear once and for all.

true, to forget about their problems, I have to attend the whole course of several sessions.

Hair removal procedure is as follows: Ray, coming from a special device, It is directed to a hair follicle and destroys it. Thanks to, that the device is highly directional effect, the skin remains intact. Earlier there were rumors among girls, that laser removal help only in the case of dark hair. But science does not stand still, and now everyone can benefit from the services of a cosmetologist.

true, to pass the session, will have to pay any more money. And the cost will vary depending on, where the hair is.

Now you know, how to remove facial hair permanently. But do not forget, that such things as razor will not help the girl. In fact, after shaving the hair can get prickly skin.

Besides, remember, that the increased hair growth can indicate serious diseases. In this case, the cosmetician will not help you, be sure to consult a doctor and go through a course of treatment.

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